Sue Vincent’s #photo prompt

Far away
From the humdrum of life
Is the land we hold sacrosanct
The land of tranquility

Where melodies of nature calm
Reflections gather and glimmer
Dreams bounce with joy
Mother Nature’s sanity speaks

Exquisite moments hold
Positive vibes of life
Connections seem eternal
Ah… the solace solitude brings!

Tranquility we yearn for
In the whirlwind called life
Both the journeys
Come with a price.
© Balroop Singh, November 2018

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #writephoto Calm

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50 thoughts on “Calm

  1. Few can embrace solitude completely enough to learn from it fully… few embrace life fully enough to learn all it has to offer. Beautiful, Balroop.

  2. Beautiful Balroop, Mother Nature always holds us, connecting us to the solace of that tranquil moment of her silent breath.. Loved your poem and the image just perfection.. ❤
    Have a peaceful weekend my friend

  3. Haha.. so beautiful is the irony in this last one. .. Ah! Nice. “Tranquility we yearn for
    In the whirlwind called life
    Both the journeys
    Come with a price.” Wonderful and well measured. As always. 😊

    1. Thanks Diana, I am delighted that you like this poem, trying to convey how much we need tranquility in today’s mad race of seeking self-gratification!

  4. I love spending time away from the city in the times for a few hours and when I’m lucky, a few days. When I’m away in the hills, the connection with the nature is real because we are no longer insulated from the weather conditions. It is then that you can think like our ancestors who lived life in tandem with nature trying to insulate from the cold, sun, and rain.

    wonderfully written!

  5. This may be my favorite poem of yours yet, Balroop – and that’s saying a lot because I love getting enfolded into your poems. But serenity and solitude are blissful and so well expressed here.

  6. Balroop, wow! A beautiful poem which left me with a cascade of tranquility and calm washing over me. How true our busy lives interrupt the important, silent conversations with Nature, where we truly have a chance of being ourselves and at peace., where ‘our dreams bounce with joy’. Your poem reminded me a long walk in the forest in Sweden, a sublime stillness, extraordinary array of clouds at dusk … I felt giddy with clarity and peace … such moments of ‘epiphany’ are rare indeed! hugs xx

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