Moments Of Gratitude

Beauty of Autumn

The tender touch of breeze
The soft sound of brook
Some beautiful blossoms smiling
At the light and warmth of sun
Happiness filtering through the trees
Moonlight streaming through my windows
Hope sprouting around me, every spring
The dusky sky, the merging hues of rainbows
The warmth of my home
The mirth, the kindness, the consonance
The steady drizzle of love
Seeping slowly into my soul

Assimilating the ache of setbacks
Embracing the hurricanes of life
Gratitude grants the serenity
To bounce back, to tap the infinite

To stumble upon and cherish
Those moments of endless joy
Those moments of togetherness
Sparkling on the sand of time

The blessings of being alive
The constant company of friends
Revered reminders of gratitude
Celestial moments of appreciation.
© Balroop Singh 

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40 thoughts on “Moments Of Gratitude

  1. This is so beautiful and peaceful Balroop. You penned life so well. We ought to cherish these moments and see beauty wherever it is on our path.
    Love your photo too and the colors.
    Stay well my friend

  2. Beautiful words and image Balroop. It’s important to remember our gratitudes, despite the times we must deal with adversity. 🙂

  3. Another wonderful poem for the season, Balroop, and the coming Thanksgiving. I love the gentle positivity and the sense of celebration and gratefulness for all the good things in life. ❤

    1. Thank you Diana, good things in life do need a celebration! I wonder who mooted the ideas of celebrating little moments of togetherness and add joy to life! Cheers to their imagination!

  4. Beautiful words Balroop, the Gratitude for all things. You describe this so
    beautifully in your song to nature, in your joy and love with your family, the joy
    and beauty among your friends.
    For all we feel gratitude and that makes us even richer.🤗


  5. This poem reminds me of a famous write-up by Dr Christian Bernard, In a celebration of being alive. It is an inspiring story written by a famous South African heart surgeon. He is credited with performing world’s first heart transplant. He shows gratitude for still being alive despite having a deadly accident along with his wife. I can’t recall the entire story since I read it many many years ago. Your poem too celebrates the life! Thanks for inspiring.

    1. This story is about two boys who were playing with a trolley in the hospital ward while Dr. Barnard was doing his rounds. He got a profound lesson from the spirit of those boys who were seriously ill, one with a malignant tumour but were playing happily with whatever they had. He calls this celebration of life.
      Being alive and healthy is the biggest blessing but we realise this only when we visit a hospital or meet a seriously sick person. Moments of gratitude shine before us after we have experienced the turbulences of life.

      1. Thanks for narrating more details. Yes, we appreciate life only when we have a close encounter with death or dangerous moments.

  6. Love this poem… Gratitude the centre of appreciation of all our blessings.. We have many to be thankful for.. Also loved your poem links Balroop,
    Nature gives of her gifts with no thought of anything in return except respect.. If we were all just to respect each other and nature, all our lives would indeed be filled with more appreciation and moments of gratitude..

    Love and Blessings my dear friend.. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate where you are.. We obviously don’t in England.. But each day should be filled with gratitude..

    Love and Hugs.. Sue ❤

    1. Moments of gratitude lie unnoticed till we bump into a catastrophic one…even the bliss of walking is felt when we sprain a foot and get confined to let it heal. Life is as simple as that but the self-created chase makes it challenging! We need reminders as we tend to forget how many blessings around us come free.
      Thank you for your beautiful words dear Sue, you are so right about respect and we have to hand over this value to the next generation. All depends on how well it is done by us. Love and hugs back to you too.

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