I Dived In To Discover!

The brook
Sue Vincent’s #photoprompt

This brook breathed a quiet message
Why do you write poems?
Write about people
Write about their whims
And their hidden stings!
I nodded.

Yet I dived in to gather its colors
Divine blues and greens
Merging shadows smiled
In harmony with the breeze
And swaying trees
Gauging my nods.

Shadows know me well
I have walked with them
Far away into the sky and sea
Sinking and shining together
Swaying in all kinds of weather
Driving darkness away.

As the water mirror meandered
To unravel its hidden beauty
Birds joined in to mesmerize
Green vibes permeated around
I was soaking wet with them
I knew why I was numb.
© Balroop Singh, November 2018

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #writephoto Hidden

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34 thoughts on “I Dived In To Discover!

  1. I loved how you incorporated your love for poems and why you dived into poetry with the elements of nature. And you acknowledged shadows too…which is in essence a part of your lives and also the names of your books. I really like the imagery of the birds coming around and being mesmerised by the scene. That speaks of such positivity even though there may be challenges going on. Though you were soaking wet at the end, you had a revelation. It is small positive moments in our lives that can give us so much insight into what we’ve got and what matters to us. Another great piece of writing, Balroop 🙂

    1. Thank you Mabel for such a sweet understanding of each thought in this poem. Little moments fill our life with serenity. I am delighted to note that you recognise them so well!
      Nice to see you, I hope all is well at your end.

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