You and Me

Sue Vincent’s #photoprompt

Reflections reflect you and me
Together for ages yet apart
We stand here
Our thirst unquenched.

Visitors come and go
Admire our vicinity to each other
Some capture us on the canvas
Of their minds

Others stand by to share
Their most guarded thoughts
Their stories of lost love
The mystery of love that lasts.

Those who came in a canoe
And stood to admire
My gnarled limbs last year
Their laughter created ripples,

Breaking your conceited calm
It revealed your cryptic cravings
Though I reach all out to hold you
Yet remain rooted in my zone.

A solitary life seems delightful
As mute connections speak
Of spiritual bliss we share,
Breathing contentment.
Β© Balroop Singh, December 2018

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #writephoto Beneath

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64 thoughts on “You and Me

  1. This is such a strong and deep poem, Balroop. Fantastic imagery on relationships, be it trees,
    ourselves or partners. The last stanza seems to show us calmness and resolution from more
    shadowy feelings.


    1. Thank you Miriam, I am delighted that you could pick up the subtle nuances within this poem. Most of the time, our lives are guided by messages of Mother Nature, which are sent to us through her seasons and moods…sometimes placid like a lake, at other times turbulent like the storms.

  2. Beautiful and interesting poem. I felt in the beginning you felt distant in a relationship with someone and then at the end, you were happier on your own? πŸ™‚

    1. True! I thought I have said enough about the beauty of Mother Nature in my recent poems and so let me delve deeper to find something hidden under the covers and human relationships have ample scope…the more you explore, the more they get entangled!
      Thank you for the support dear friend.

  3. Such a lovely poem. There is a personality. It is the personification. The wonderful observation of the nature that nurtures us. The deeper connection between the standing tree and the flowing water, and in the stillness of water we can see the tree trying to look at himself how has the day worn him out and how much he needs to take care. They stand at a distance and they do so unless the rising water level comes close to the tree that make him feel bit jittery. It needs the rooting of the soil to hold on and stand tall and firm. Every visitor that comes to that place and look up at the tree and then look down at the water, there is silent conversation that opens up so many hidden secrets tucked in the lanes and by lane of our memories. Some good,some bad, few nostalgic and few emotional…the lost love to the mystery of love, the guarded thoughts indeed. Not easy to carry all those nuanced observations and insights into our memory, few we do and many we leave by the embankment and let it go and flow with the flow of the water. The saga of time. Indeed pretty joyful and spiritual in reading such deeply driven thoughts.

    1. As I said in another response, just playing with words and imaginative sojourn often takes me far away into an unknown world…often I emerge amazed at the result!
      Thank you so much for coming over Nihar, much appreciated. Lately your posts have become too intellectual, hard to understand! πŸ™‚

      1. Yes Balroop you are wordsmith and it comes out so well in every poem of yours…and when the words weave those powerful thoughts of yours dotted with profound emotions, it showers magic. There is that subtle touch of yours and you have mastered that craft of creating such lovely poems…
        Yes have been into subject matters and it seems posts have become bit complex, will try to simplify and make it more accessible.
        It is always to read your poems and get inspired.
        Have a great Sunday.

      2. It always does and there is so much joy in your words and the way you knit much like a lovely fabric that is never out of fashion…these poems of yours are timeless.
        Thanks for sharing…

  4. Hello Balroop. This poem is very deep. While the tree’s image reflects on the lake the two will always be apart. There are so many layers to your beautiful poem. I love it and it goes perfect with the image. ❀ xo

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