Magic of Holidays

A fairy bringing holiday joy

My favorite fairy has arrived

With magic in her pockets

And loads of holiday love!

I can feel the thrill of

Her sparkling silvery powder

Mesmerizing me

With its fragrance!

She lifts me to carry

Into her enchanted world

Of stars, of peace

To recline upon her pillows

And soak in moments

of celestial joy.

© Balroop Singh, December 2018

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39 thoughts on “Magic of Holidays

  1. You know Balroop, no matter what we believe in, this time of year does hold a certain sparkle for most, I think. I remember snowshoe treks on a lake in Maine as we visited neighbors in turn on those dark winter nights. Midnight cross country skiing along seldom used railroad tracks with glittering mounds of snow and ice encrusted branches while a billion stars twinked under a crescent moon. Here in Hawaii, we head out on the ocean at sunset to watch the setting sun spread like melting butter in multihued skies while whales breach and roll and the dolphins follow in the wake of the boat.

    May you celebrate in whatever way most pleases you and yours. Enjoy the magic, and may more follow you in 2019! Love the poem. Aloha ❤

    1. I agree with you Bela, Christmas holidays have always been special, in whatever way we celebrate them, their magic has never faded! Now they are all the more charming, with our grandkids waiting for Santa and all the activities connected with him. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and lovely wishes. May 2019 bring all the joy you wish for. 🙂 Love and hugs.

  2. Your Christmas poem reads like a Fairytale. If both magic and love has arrived
    we have the right ingredients for celebrations in the traditions of where we live and grow.
    Have a wonderful time Balroop. 🤗 .


  3. Balroop, I feel floaty with joy reading your poem, sprinkling magic and love for us all! Beautiful and I loved reading this just before the holidays. Wishing you a wonderful break and a creative New Year! Hugs xx

  4. Wonderful Poem dear Balroop, I trust your Own Magical Holiday was perfect in every way.. Wishing you and your family Peace, Joy, Happiness and Good Health for 2019 and Beyond my friend..
    Enjoy the New Year Celebrations..
    Love and Peace.. Sue ❤

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