A craving

Frozen figure
Myths of Mirror #WritingPrompt

Frozen in time
With amorphia of ages
I sat waiting for love
It did come at last!

They came in hordes
With shovels and hoes
To dig around me
And create a cover

I am awning them
With arrows piercing my soul
Blinded by dirt and deceit
I crave for a new world

My faith in smithereens
My perceptions upbeat
Each storm whittling away
Gold of my sun

Internal injuries expand
Putrefying precious limbs
Blood flows through fissures
But freezes

Silvery glow refuses to fade
Spring smiles at the horizon
Promising to alleviate affliction
And apathy of ages.
© Balroop Singh, January 2019

D. Wallace Peach (Diana for her friends) who blogs at ‘Myths of the Mirror’ has started a new feature –  “Monthly Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt.” Please hop over to her blog to read more and get inspired.

Thank you Diana, for an irresistible  #WritingPrompt.

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50 thoughts on “A craving

    1. I am amazed at how some images awaken my muse immediately to write effortlessly while she struggles at times! This is a compelling picture, opening vast vistas. Thank you for sharing it.

  1. Amazing poetry to a lovely graphic.. Especially enjoyed this verse I am awning them
    With arrows piercing my soul Blinded by dirt and deceit I crave for a new world.

    Have a peaceful weekend Balroop ❤

  2. This seems a departure for you, Balroop. I like it. I like the earth based theme as I understand it, bringing it from the personal into the collective. Well done! ❤

  3. Balroop, this is a very powerful poem and beautifully written. I can well understand how this
    fantastic ice sculpture inspired and you show us the sadness of his fate.
    I love your lines : ” Silvery glow refuses to fade
    Spring smiles at the horizon ”


  4. Your writing has the quality to leave an everlasting mark on the mind of every readers.The way each and every syllable of yours make a stairway of the elysian that is your creation is what I call ‘rare of the rarest.’

    1. Thank you so much Neha, welcome to Emotional Shadows. You made my day with your beautiful words. I am glad you have understood the depth of this poem. Stay blessed.

  5. Wow – what a great poem based on that speculative photo. I’m going to try and “play” the prompt game too, but now I’m a bit intimidated. Wonderful!

  6. Balroop, a powerful poem in response to this stunning image. I’ve started couple of pieces in response to this prompt but none have done it justice. The scale and scope of yours is fantastic, deep soul-searching themes and beautiful dramatic descriptions. Well done and a joy to read your work. Wishing you a very Happy and Creative 2019, my friend. Hugs xx❤️🌸

    1. Thank you Annika, your lovely words of appreciation are so delightful! I am sure you are underestimating your story about this prompt. Please share it and let your readers decide. Love and hugs.

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