Reality and Imagination

Street art depicting a woman's face
Sue Vincent’s #PhotoPrompt

Brooding eyes, blasé yet discreet
Discerning depth of dark images
Wriggling away from the light
That glows to glean truth

Unstated grievances creep out
When I look within
All of you crawl like worms
Some faces visibly distraught

The artist could see you
My illusionary veil couldn’t shroud
Graphic secrets of thoughts
That groan under pictorial patterns

Onlookers may admire the art
Only I know the depth it conceals
Come and alleviate agonies
Shared stories satiate emotions.
© Balroop Singh, January 2019

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #writephoto Imagination

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42 thoughts on “Reality and Imagination

  1. I really like the depth in your poem, Balroop. I didn’t notice the expression, but you clearly picked up on it. Wonderful layered piece, just like the image. ❤

    1. Thank you for coming over Violet, welcome to Emotional Shadows. I am happy this beautiful art could connect us. True art is the one that speaks, just like words.

  2. I agree with Pam. Your poem does invoke many facets and facades of someone underneath the veil. As you alluded to in the last line, different facades conceal and not everyone can see the truth…even sometimes we might not even recognise our real face because, well, we unconsciously want to cover up some parts of our lives. Sometimes seeing someone for who they are and what they are really going true is something special. Sometimes we are just too strong for too long and need help…or maybe too deceiving for too long that we get caught out. I thought your analogy of can of worms was very interesting…on one hand you can literally picture worms (emotions, character) which many of us would rather not crawl over us, on the other hand we can picture a whole new world of something we just discovered knowing there is more to discover. A great write, Balroop 🙂

    1. Nobody can discern the truths that lie within the hearts Mabel…many of them never get shared, such is human demeanor! I wonder how did they learn to hide so much, how can people repress their own emotions. You have understood the imagery of ‘worms’ so well! Thank you so much dear friend for sharing such meaningful reflections. Love and hugs.

      1. I think people repress their emotions out of fear, fear of being judged and shunned. But sharing can make such a positive impact. Take care, Balroop 🙂

  3. Balroop, I do love the dark and mystic feelings you show us so beautifully. Fantastic and descriptive
    language with strong allegories. As we often say, each one sees something different and that is part
    of the wonder of all art forms.
    Strong poem!


  4. You know it’s funny Balroop, I can appreciate art for art’s sake. It’s people I observe who appear transparent to me, but seem oblivious to that transparency. It’s how the eyes move or shift, the body language, the posture even before they open their mouths that gives them away. And this served me well for decades of counseling people. And yet.

    I realize some people are not drained by these interactions, but feel richer for the experience. I’m not one of them, and must spend islands of time alone, which I am completely happy to do.

    Another great topic, well penned. Bless. ❤️

    1. Sure, face and eyes carry intense emotions and we can read them with our intuition. Thank you for coming over to Emotional Shadows, much appreciated.

  5. Wow! A powerful response to this image and the inner sadness and trauma is so often invisible to others … an emotion which you describe vividly here. So many terrific lines here filled with truth, some that particularly strike me are ‘Unstated grievances creep out’ and ‘Graphic secrets of thoughts/That groan under pictorial patterns’.

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