Memories and Moments

Nature picture
Sue Vincent’s #photoprompt

Our favorite meeting place
Where we found solace,
Love still blooms there
With fragrance and care.

Breezy silence of your eyes
That could stir the skies,
When our dreams took flight
Spring sang with delight.

Clouds carried our joy far
Our love, lighted by every star
Lingered languidly on our lips
When our hearts chose ellipse

Memories and moments merge here
Today when we return to share,
Nuances of nature and love
That permeates this alcove.

Your fragrance still abounds
Blends in the melodious sounds,
Echoing its infinite power
In the grandeur of this bower.
© Balroop Singh, February 2019

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #writephoto Fragrant

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50 thoughts on “Memories and Moments

  1. This poem is so beautiful and gentle. I love how every stanza carries imagery mixed between
    nature and human love. Superb. I would have quoted but there are so many examples.
    Ahh .. I think I quote one: ” Clouds carried our joy far
    Our love, lighted by every star ”


  2. Balroop, this is a heavenly poem that carried me away … so tender, brimming with love and warmth. It’s incredibly evocative of the place and is an inspired poem in response to the prompt. A joy to read and very uplifting and heartwarming. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Balroop! xx😀❤️

    1. Many thanks dear Annika, I am delighted at your choice of words for this poem. Love is like that…heartwarming and joyous. Love and hugs dear friend. You too have a wonderful weekend.

  3. “Memories and Moments”…beautifully titled and it is a perfect converge of thoughts and things in life. We all have our lovely story where we have met with people and they have gone to become a part of our life. Those are the memories that count in the present. It is not crafted. It happens in its own subtle way and we need to experience the evolving engagement…the place matter where all these unfolds. The scene and smell of the place get hardwired into our mind. We can sense and we feel the essence when are there. The poetry of yours has magically captured those nuanced moments that matter and how life moves ahead but the memories remain and the place and people keep reminisced us of those wonderful memories, we feel so nostalgic. Every stanza of yours have a profound meaning to convey and the way it has been rhymed is surreal, and one that I would look to pick is “When our dreams took flight, spring sang with delight…”

    Thanks Balroop for sharing such magic in weaving words and thoughts.
    You are master in the craft of creation with words and we are your students!!!

    1. Many thanks dear Nihar, for such lovely words of encouragement. I am delight that you could feel the magic in my words. Thank you. Though this poem is purely imaginative, there is no doubt that certain moments become unforgettable memories.

      1. The power of creation has its root in the wonderful world of imagination…some how it does happen though a paradox, the source inspiration for imagination unknowingly has its seeding in the world of reality…the juxtaposition of imaginative world with the real world is where mind creates magic.
        Have a great weekend Balroop.

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