Who is Weak?

Pixabay image by Marianne Sopala

The strong and the mighty
Try to push you around
Whatever the weather
They don’t want you together

“Why are you happy?
How could you…without me?
I hold the power
How dare you flower?”

Is it jealousy or arrogance?
Lack of love or loneliness?
Humility at their feet,
They trample you with conceit

Domineering seems to be their right
Insecurities weaken their hearts
Love vibes refuse to step-in,
Aggression is their sole weapon

Yet they fail to snatch smiles
Which build bridges across miles
Little houses are a haven of peace
They offer you ethereal ease.
© Balroop Singh, February 2019

Inspired from D. Wallace Peach’s “Monthly Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt.” Please hop over to her blog to read more and get inspired.

Thank you Diana, for a thought-provoking  #WritingPrompt.

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51 thoughts on “Who is Weak?

  1. Thank you so much for taking up the prompt, Balroop. Your poem is another entirely original take and I’m delighted that you played along. Such amazing responses. I have it lined up to share. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. ❤

    1. As I told you earlier, I didn’t like the way this poem unfolded itself and I made a conscious effort to veer it towards light, as it was becoming darker. I know my definition of dark is just gray for you… your prompts are wonderful nudgers though. It is a pleasure to let my thoughts run amok. 🙂

  2. Beautiful Balroop, and so happy to see you on my first day back in WP again for a while. Indeed such people can never accept others happiness, because they cannot accept their own lack of control is no longer controlling your misery ..
    Sending love and well wishes Balroop..

    1. Welcome back Sue, I know you have come back with renewed energy and love for words. Thank you for visiting Emotional Shadows on the first day of your return, much appreciated. Love and hugs.

  3. I often wonder what power these people who exercise so much power and come off as pushy? Is it because they have an inflated ego? is it because they feel they are infallible?

    1. Both! The powerful people feel they can manipulate the world and people around them. History bears a witness to this fact and look around you at the powerful people in the modern era. Nothing has changed about their perspective! Only the minions suffer!

  4. “Yet they fail to snatch smiles
    Which build bridges across miles” – money and power do not buy smiles and smiles do build bridges. Well done.

  5. Another honest poem from you, Balroop. There are people who think they are stronger and better than others, blowing their own trumpet like every bit the attention seeker. As your poem alluded to, ‘insecurities weaken their hearts’. For this such behaviour is usually not one that brings friends or help you work with others around you. As Mani said, with power comes responsibility. Some of us may be better at certain things but that’s no reason to bring others down who are at a different pace. We can all learn from each other 🙂

    1. They don’t have to be at the helm of an organisation, they can be found all around us in the society, in the homes…aggression has been the age old tool for controlling freaks.
      Thank you for your meaningful reflection Mabel, much appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Balroop, a profound poetic response to Diana’s prompt. I’m glad for the light at the end, to often these ‘bullies’ in life dominate too much, but the power of smiles, goodness can make a difference. A simple retreat to find strength and serenity is of paramount importance. From this rather cute image you’ve created a thought-provoking poem delving into the darker side of some people in our society and the power they hold over others.

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday, my friend! hugs xx

    1. Thank you Annika for sharing your reflections about my poem…darkness teaches us how valuable light is! Powerful people may threaten to wreck some values but they acquaint us with the strength which lies dormant in human beings. 😊

  7. Dear Balroop, I just got time to properly read your poem and feel thrilled and
    amazed at the beautiful flow and the intricate layers in describing society in
    many ways or any place where power to hurt is present. Too common a problem.

    I do love your last stanza:
    ” Yet they fail to snatch smiles
    Which build bridges across miles
    Little houses are a haven of peace
    They offer you ethereal ease. ”

    Beautiful and true.


    1. Many thanks for your lovely words dear Miriam, I am delighted that you tried to peep into the layers… only when we spend some time to ponder over the words, do we understand their power. 🤗♥️

  8. Hello Balroop. This is a powerful poem and a very unique take on the prompt. I see in the image how you came to your view. Very good. 😊xo

  9. Such a beautiful poetic depiction of what is seen so commonly all around us in society. I loved the concluding verse steering it towards a positive note to end with smile and peace. Truly an interesting take on the prompt Balroop!

    1. Thank you Radhika, I am glad you found it interesting…realities we see around us may be encompassed by darkness but we need to wriggle out of them and smile!

  10. Well written, Balroop. Yes, we havent moved past medieval times, emotionally. Glad you lifted it into the light. We can use every light thought wave toward evolution!😊

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