Receding Romance

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto

Rift deep inside
Drifting away into unknown self
I carry a smiling visage
With visions of drenched love

I pass by this desolate path
Receding foliage reminds me
Blossoms don’t smile here
Stoic symphonies breathe within

Knowing well –
It started with a chink
A little opening to breathe
A little freedom of giving space

We just counted our flaws
And laughed together
When did it become a fissure?
Wide enough to devour us!

We lie trapped in darkness
In the shadows of stillness
Butterflies of hope are fluttering
With tears in silent eyes.
© Balroop Singh, March 2019

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #photoprompt Rift

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33 thoughts on “Receding Romance

  1. This made me think of being in a bad place and wondering how we ended up here. It fit the picture so well and spoke for the times we live in.

  2. Great poem as usual, Balroop. You know my favorite line? “Stoic symphonies breath within.” That’s so evocative to me, and I can picture not only how it must look, but how it feels. Your greatest gift, I believe, is your ability to communicate pure emotion in articulate, beautiful ways.

  3. This is a very deep poem Balroop, good to at last be catching up here again..
    The scars we often leave do indeed leave deep wounds and I loved how you interpreted this. ” we lie trapped in darkness” I always live in hope that the ‘butterflies’ will see us through our transition..
    Excellent poetry Balroop ❤

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