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There are more than ten thousand definitions of poetry, as each poetry lover and poet defines it differently. This time, in honor of NationalPoetryMonth, I have asked my blogger cum poet friends to define this art, which is deeper than thoughts…“thoughts that breathe, words that burn,” said Thomas Gray.

Poetry is hollow without emotions
Words just stare sans sheen
Soulful poetry tugs at heart
Wrapping words in sandpaper
Draping each emotion with electric élan
© Balroop Singh.

Poetry is a song
Also a painting serene or wild
Poetry is our dreams expressed
Also the stars and the moon
Poetry speaks my inner truth.
© Miriam Ivarson

Poetry is:
Your soul emptying itself
Touching lives with one breath
Your voice overcoming darkness
Raw, vulnerable and free
© Marie Kléber

Poetry is but a song, spoken in words
and played to melodies
heard only in the hearts of lovers,
forbidden and otherwise.
© Nonnie Jules

“Poetry is the one way to really express your inner thoughts and feeling and helps you to relate and understand others. It is the out-pouring of the soul.”
© Elizabeth Beetham

Poetry is my inseparable lover
At night I snuggle and slumber with her
A velvety couch of imagery is our dream
Of mystic lands beings and forms unseen
In the morning my eyes open to her beauty
In her silky tresses I thread myself furtively
Her kisses are words of ecstasy
Burning my skin as evanescent paper arduously
As she carves with the pen of immortality
She turns to ashes my poet’s frisk and folly
Turning my heart to lyrics of past life and mystery
Together we plough in the pasture of eternity

© Anita Bacha

The Magnitude of Poetry:
“Poetry is dead”
So some writers say
But listen closely please
To what I’m about to say
Poetry is ever written, everlasting
It will be around long after the doubters
Poetry is the view from the highest mountain
That makes us dizzy from the height
It’s the beating of our hearts
And the tapping of our feet
While we read the rhythm of the words
It’s the way it makes us feel
When it takes us to a grave
The taste in our mouths
When it describes a kiss
The smell of a wood stove
That heats a mountain cabin
And the warmth it makes us feel
It’s that childlike memory
Of your favorite nursery rhyme
And the dreams we had of Santa Claus
When it was nearing Christmas time
It’s the smile on our faces
When we find a perfect rhyme
A glimpse of Heaven as we read
About Saint Peter’s gate
It’s the lyrics in a song
That we never can forget
Music in the words
That puts a song in our hearts
It’s a painting in our minds
That we see because of words
The magnitude of poetry
Is deep within our hearts
Even deeper in our souls
It makes us laugh
Makes us cry
Makes us smile
If only for awhile
And so I say to you
“Poetry is dead?”
Not as long as I can read
Nor as long as I can write
As long as there is ink in my pen
And blood flows through my veins
My poetry will never die
Even after I am gone
My poetry lives on
And that
Is the magnitude of poetry
© The Tennessee Poet

I am thankful to all the poets who have defined poetry in such beautiful words.

You can share your own definition with us. I am eager to hear your thoughts about poetry.

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Balroop Singh.

53 thoughts on “What is Poetry? #NationalPoetryMonth

  1. It’s nice to discover others thoughts on poetry. So inspiring Balroop.
    Indeed poetry is flowing like every breath in and out of our body.
    Stay well and blessed.

  2. Indeed, there is no single definition of poetry.

    I think poetry is all about feeling and thoughts. The way poets describe it, I think it is a “moment”.

  3. Amidst the heat of general elections in India, it is interesting to consider a statesman’s definition of poetry. According to JFK, “When power leads man toward arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses”.

    1. Sitting far away from that heat and mud-slinging of Indian politics, it is blissful to soak in the sunshine of poetry Raj. I wish people could understand how transitory power is! Thank you for sharing a powerful definition of poetry.

  4. Dear Balroop, I am proud to be featured in this very interesting post of yours.
    It really brings out many views on poetry but in essence I think we agree. Emotions. imaginations
    drive a big part of poetry. You have brought out a new way to look at it. Thank you.
    Also, thank you for inviting me.


    1. I am delighted that I could put all these perspectives together. Thank you for being a part of this venture dear Miriam. Stay blessed!

  5. This was so beautiful, Balroop. Nice to see Marie’s contribution, too. Her poetry is lovely. So are the rest of these definitions. Such a variety of perspectives. I believe poetry are words from the heart rather than the mind. They flow onto paper without as much thinking behind it as say, an essay or a blog post. You see on paper, your own heart reflected. What a gift, to write poetry!!

    1. I am glad you have liked the way poets look at poetry Lisa. Real poetry does flow from hearts, mind also assists by giving a direction 🤗♥️

  6. Fabulous post Balroop! Thank you tons for figuring my poem.
    You are yourself a sweet and entrancing poem.
    Happy National Poetry Month to you and to all the wonderful poets in the world.

  7. Happy National Poetry Month, Balroop. Your poems are always a delight to read. I really like this phrase you wrote, ‘electric élan’ – it makes me think of how many poets such as you like to make each line in poetry pop and jump out. So lovely reading what other bloggers-poets think about poetry too. Their passion for poetry certainly shines through 🙂

    1. Thank you Mabel, I am delighted to note how carefully you read each word. Even when one verse/phrase appeals to readers mark the success of a poem. Stay blessed!

  8. Some wonderful definitions here Balroop . Poetry is part of breathing when it flows smoothly..
    Love and Stay blessed my friend.. Its taken me a while to get here but I always leave enriched of spirit.
    Thank you Balroop ❤

    1. Wow! Thanks for this superb definition Sue. I love poetry that flows smoothly, just like breathing! Stay blessed dear friend. Nice to see you.

  9. I’m immersed in the poems about what poetry is. These poems explain how I feel – and verify those feelings. Poetry is not one thing, it is so many things that touch our heart with words placed in lines in different sizes and shapes.
    Just like humans.

  10. Balroop, what a wonderful and inspired way to celebrate National Poetry Month! 😀 I love how you’ve asked your poet/blogger friends for their poetic thoughts on the craft – their creations are stunning! A gifted collection honouring this precious art form and a moving reflective read … Thank you so much for sharing here! Hugs xx

    1. True. We can say that… it is all a matter of perception. Poetry lovers look at life like that. Thank you for visiting Emotional Shadows, much appreciated.

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