Winner of Timeless Echoes

Many thanks to all the readers who have read Dell and Dale and responded to the challenge of guessing who they are. I am humbled by the interpretations of this poem –  the best being “soul and ego”… “Soul looked deep and found comfort, love and shared it. Ego looks from high up, and saw a skewed, inaccurate reflection. so he forgot his true nature.” (by Monica Timbal)

I am also deeply touched by the words of Betty: “For me, Dell and Dale represent humility and pride (arrogance)… The theme, decisions and outcomes belong to individuals who make their own choices.”

Bela Johnson understood this poem so well and gave a complete answer to both my questions: “This really reminds me of children, often siblings, who from that same womb can make such divergent choices despite a common upbringing. It clearly speaks, at least to my mind, how we come into this life as different aspects of the One with a different bag of karma to sort out. My mother had seven of us, and said every one of us was completely different. Knowing my siblings, I would say that is true. So it really helped me when observing my own children, each with such unique temperaments.”

Lisa Thomson too came quite close: “Siblings that have taken different paths? One successful and the other one faced too many obstacles and became bitter.”

Congratulations to Bela, an outstanding poet for winning Timeless Echoes.

I wrote Dell and Dale in 2012. When I wrote it, I had siblings in mind. How circumstances and challenges of life change us into different individuals also influenced my thoughts.

I am sharing an excerpt from my latest book:


The ink dried on the pages
You left at my desk
Words glare at me
And echo your thoughts…
All that you didn’t say!

Did you say you love me?
How could my arms oppress you?
Was your soft tone a show off?
The sea of your eyes
A delusion?

The ghosts of your journal
Follow me unawares
The embers of your love
Still smolder within me
Smothering my breath out

I carry dead demons of your memory
Looking for a place to bury them.

© Balroop Singh

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Balroop Singh.

17 thoughts on “Winner of Timeless Echoes

  1. Siblings makes so much sense. I wish I had caught that. Congrats to the winner:) I enjoyed Revelation and its pull to the past. Have a great weekend Balroop.

    1. Thank you Denise for sharing your thoughts. Many of my poems have received different interpretations, which inspire me to put more depth into the words. 🙂 Wishing you too a joyous weekend.

    1. Thanks for your unstinted support Lisa. Love and hugs. I wish I could gift my book to you too. Since you are in Canada, I couldn’t. I am glad you could relate to Revelation. 🙂

  2. Well, I am surprised, to say the least. I am honored that you chose to feature my response, mahalo for that. 🙏 And thank you for the ebook!

    The poem you posted just now feels familiar. The faces that people show and the time it takes – sometimes longer, sometimes shorter – before a clever disguise melts away to reveal other motivations. What is real grist for the mill in a relationship, I think, is the ability to recognize what we are doing in such moments and endeavor to stop hurting another. And in committing to this, we discover tender loving parts of ourselves that are as real as the confusion that once clouded them. As the old song says, love takes time.

    Beautifully penned, Balroop. One of my favorites of yours thus far. Aloha 💕

  3. Congrats to Bela on being the winner of your e-book. Very thoughtful responses you received for the poem you wrote a while back, Balroop 🙂 So kind of you to share an excerpt from your upcoming book. I like the anger and annoyance within this poem. Sometimes some people in our lives leave an unforgetable mark on our lives and it will be very hard to forget them. Some things around us can also remind us of such people. We might give and give to others but they might not give in return, or worse, turn their back on us. When trust is broken, it can be so hard to get over that person – up until we are determined to move on, put behind our hard feelings ‘Looking for a place to bury them.’

    1. Well said Mabel, when people leave they do leave something behind that is hard to erase. Even burying those memories doesn’t removes the demons that lurk at the corners.
      Thank you for coming over to share your thoughts, much appreciated. 🙂

  4. Hi Balroop. Just dropped in to say hi. We are in our new home for 8 days and there are a million things that need attending to. Hope to be back on my “writing horse” soon.
    Be well, my friend.


    1. Congratulations Joe. I am so happy for you. Wishing you happy happy days at your new home. Let the writing horse get ready for galloping! Thanks for keeping in touch.

  5. Congratulations, Balroop ~ I can see the descriptions of “Soul and Ego” mimicking “Siblings”, the similarities. Wishing you a great week ahead.

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