In Love with Myself…

Pixabay image by Brigitte Werner

I had dreams and desires
Aspirations to excel
To acquire Midas’ touch
To accomplish the abstract

I pushed my way through
Deep valleys to rumbling clouds
Undeterred by lightning
Fervidly seeking success

But I soared too high
Forgetting Icarus
I opted to be a superman
I have no regrets though.

Emotionless I dwell alone
Proud of my intellect
Dexterous and adept trailblazer
I breathe action

Spring no longer sings for me
Love seems meaningless
Compassion – a remote possibility
Wisdom – my forte!

I can detect hypocrisy
All lies stand exposed before me
I can vanquish fear and faith
I am generation NEXT.
© Balroop Singh, May 2019

Inspired from D. Wallace Peach’s “Monthly Speculative Fiction Writing Prompt.” Please hop over to her blog to read more and get inspired.

Thank you Diana, for a thought-provoking  #WritingPrompt.

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62 thoughts on “In Love with Myself…

  1. A bleak look at our love of technology and extremely insight. Thanks Balroop.

  2. Haha, I know what you mean: “Forgetting Icarus
I opted to be a superman
I have no regrets though.”
    Me either. The folly of youth. 😊

  3. Wow, Balroop. This gave me the chills. So powerful and hard-hitting. I’m thrilled that you took up the prompt, my friend. The poem is amazing. I’ll reblog in the morning. 🙂

    1. Thank you Diana, I am delighted to hear that the choice of my words could produce that effect. Thanks for understanding dear friend. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. A great Poem and one I can take on many levels at the moment Balroop.. Hypocrisy is rife in many quarters of the world.. And yes we also have Faith and you my friend most definitely hold Wisdom! ❤ 🙂

      1. Balroop I came over to your blog, not the reader from which I read it from originally. and the image had obviously not loaded when I read your words..
        Now I understand more deeply from where this was written..
        A Future we are slowly heading towards, The Picture makes a HUGE difference to the interpretation! Apologies..

  5. Hypocrisy! Probably it’s something that we humans have always struggled with. There are so many instances from our history too. Hard to shrug off? The flip side of human nature

  6. This was my favourite stanza:

    But I soared too high
    Forgetting Icarus
    I opted to be a superman
    I have no regrets though.

    It reminds me of believing in yourself and knowing that each of us have a lots of potential. We’re all superheroes in our own right. Beautifully done 🙂

  7. YIKES – I thought this guy on Diana’s photo prompt was scary, but you took scary to a whole other (brilliant) level. If this is Generation Next, we are all in such deep trouble. Your poem is deep and troubling in all ways a good poem should be. Is this what we aspire to? Wisdom yet no compassion, intellectual yet no emotions. I’ve already met people like that (ie, doctors who are brilliant but have no empathy when they give a patient difficult news, professors with Ph.D.s but no ability to care about those they teach). Your poem asks so many questions, Balroop. Amazing.

    1. You are right Pam, some people already have the traits that are connected with this guy and insensitivity remains the most significant one. I hope some grains of altruism get passed on to the next generation and the onus lies with us.
      Thank you so much for understanding the depth of this poem and sharing your thoughts about it. I appreciate your coming over.

  8. It’s beautiful and yet scary Balroop.
    You penned it in such a way that we wonder what kind of generation is about to rise, one of power without emotions. A human not so human after all.
    Something to reflect on, for sure

  9. Balroop, a powerful response to this incredible image! May this not be the future for mankind, where dreams and emotions are eradicated in the name of advancement.

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