My Mother #HappyMothersDay


My Mom

Who never wore armor
But is an epitome of strength
Who never wore a make-up
Yet her beauty is admirable

Who could digest rudeness
And forgive her perpetrators
Who could keep turmoil within
Alone, on dark dreary days

Who could rise from the abyss of grief
And sacrifice all her desires
Who possessed the mettle to push
The hungry wolves away!

Who could use any curse word
To keep you on the right track
Who forgot to smile
Yet could raise happy kids

Who has never said ‘I love you’
But depth of her love is immeasurable
Who could knock off societal diktats
To nurture the dreams of her children.

No judgments could waver her confidence
No despair could drown her fortitude
Raging circumstances steeled her
To endow her with incredible power.

She redefined the power of women
She lived through difficult times
Please don’t criticize her
You can never fathom her strife.

Who are you to judge her?
You don’t even know a moment,
Millions of which seared her soul
Yet it glistens brighter.
© Balroop Singh, January, 2019

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34 thoughts on “My Mother #HappyMothersDay

  1. Hi Balroop – what an absolutely lovely photo of your mother – a delight you’ve shared with us. Your poem is a wonderful dedication to your mother … have a very peaceful weekend – cheers Hilary

    1. Thank you Hilary, I am delighted to read your heart-warming reflections. Wishing you too a lovely weekend with a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  2. Dear Balroop, first let me say how much I adore the photo of your mother. I feel I could have a good laugh
    together with her.
    Your poem to her is strong and deeply felt, some referring to events I can’t know but still understand the courage
    needed to bring up happy children in times when things were tough. A mother’s love is a force that moves mountains.


    1. Many thanks for your beautiful words for my mom’s most recent picture Miriam, she would love them only if she could read! I am glad you tried to read between the lines, a more clear picture emerges from my earlier post about her entitled ‘Why I Salute my mother silently.’ Thanks for coming over to read and share your thoughts.

    1. Lisa, you could have read some other poem or post, with similar ideas. This is just few months old, written after I heard somebody judging her at this age. Thanks for knowing my posts so well! Happy Mother’s Day.

  3. What a touching poem with so many trues! Lovely picture. Enjoy your weekend:)

  4. Wow! A lovely poem for a lovely mom from a lovely mom………
    Happy Mother day!
    I wrote this for Mom last year
    Her beautiful face,
    grown old with time,
    you can feel her experience,
    will all the lines,
    You can read on her face,
    What she has been through,
    As wrinkles on her face shows,
    all the tough times.
    But her smile will vanish all the thoughts you had in your mind.
    Yes, it is her smile that takes your breath away.
    She smiles like an innocent child.
    Her smile is an inspiration,
    which forces you to be positive,

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