Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto

In summer and spring
We sing together
In winter and rain
We huddle closer
Showcasing earthly bonding
Evoking messages of togetherness
Radiating timeless joy.

We run around
Spreading delight
Visitors stand by to admire
Our tentacles
Reaching out to gather light
Clasping moments of delight.

Love is not just growing together
It is weathering storms,
Smiling through gales,
Reaching out to each other,
Making memories
That could be cherished.
© Balroop Singh, May 2019

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #photoprompt Rooted

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26 thoughts on “Rooted

  1. Beautiful poem Balroop, showing togetherness and being rooted.
    I love this in the last stanza:
    “Making memories
    That could be shared ”

    How important is that in enduring love.


  2. This was beautiful Balroop. It brought so many images to my mind of trees and the bond of a couples love.

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