Words Bind us in a Strange Bond…

I have never come across a more comprehensive analysis of my poetry. This review of my latest poetry book ‘Timeless Echoes’ at insaneowl.com by Fiza Pathan has enlightened me about my own poems! I am amazed at her interpretations and had to go back to those poems to understand them anew after reading her thoughts about them. I have realized how vague thoughts speak differently to readers, refreshing their own memories!

‘My First Love’ is one such abstract poem, where my love for books is expressed through metaphors but has been construed differently. I am delighted to note that my poetry has been called “therapeutic,” “a soothing balm to the spirit of a poetry lover.”

Though Fiza has copyrighted her review, I take this liberty to quote her:

“These poems are tender, soothing and beautiful, and a must read for all of us poetry lovers stuck on our old memories and times not forgotten. I really think Balroop should go in for poetry therapy because her poems really are like the soothing touch of a grandmother’s gentle hand on a fevered brow.”

Thank you so much Fiza, for your critique. We may be sitting at the extreme corners of the globe but words bind us in a strange bond.

Please click here to read the full review of Timeless Echoes by Fiza Pathan.

Image: © Fiza Pathan

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The NEA reports an increased interest in poetry.

Balroop Singh.

36 thoughts on “Words Bind us in a Strange Bond…

  1. I’m happy to read that your poems have been reviewed very well by Fiza. I flipped to her review through the link that you have provided. How interesting it is to read that she relates your poems with events from her life. It is heartening to note how One of your poems brought back memories of the “unspoke love” – the boy and the books from her childhood.

    This review speaks about how your poems continue to spread sunshine and love! Keep writing and keep inspiring.

    1. Many thanks arv, for hopping over to read the full review of Timeless Echoes. Some reviews need to be spoken about and this is one of them! Isn’t it amazing that I am speaking about books as my first love but my words are speaking differently to the reader?
      Thank you for your kind words of appreciation.

      1. I agree. Getting appreciation is one thing but this is altogether different. Quite like…. the next level. That’s the power of poetry. I’m happy for you. A review like this one is even better than getting an award. Keep touching lives with your words. 😊

  2. It’s amazing, how many ways our work can be interpreted by so many different people.

      1. The reason why I said this was a friend looked at a piece of my writing the other day and she saw something completely different to what I was trying to convey. Which surprised me.

  3. How nice!
    Poetry does link us together.
    I agree with Fiza, your poems are special Balroop. They talk to our hearts and souls.
    Stay well dear

  4. Insightful and beautiful quote of review, Balroop. I’m always amazed when words can bridge the gap of distance and move. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great weekend and week.

  5. A fabulous review quote for Timeless Echoes from Fiza Pathan, Balroop… It is amazing how words (poetry) binds us together and how each reader/reviewer brings themselves into our renderings. Kudos!

  6. Congratulations on the glowing review, Balroop. I found your poetry to be soothing as well. The quote from Fiza’s review is beautiful. ❤

  7. Wonderful review by Fiza, Balroop. Congratulations. It must have been a proud moment for you.! May I add that your poems in addition to bringing in a healing touch, also intrigue the readers and are very insightful. You definitely rank high among my favorites!

  8. I am not surprised that you had a wonderful review dear Balroop, Your poetry is unique and brings pleasure to all who read them.. ❤ Congratulations

  9. Wow, that’s simply so amazing. To be appreciated for your creation, speaks volumes of your creative skills. Keep going balroop. Well done and many congratulations 👍

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