Moments We Love

New Poetry book

In this book, my poems focus on love, the magical word that brings along the first blush, the first missed heart-beat and also the first heart-break. Mother Nature smiles as we recline in her lap, inhaling its fragrance, weaving dreams of desire and drenching in the deluge of emotions.

Here is an excerpt from Moments We Love:

If you were rain
Would you drench me
With the deluge of your cascading fall
Inundating my urges?

Would you carry me along
As you flow into streams
Of desire, whetted by torrent
Of yearning of ages?
© Balroop Singh

I am just waiting for my editor’s nod and review.

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47 thoughts on “Moments We Love

  1. Amazing effort as a writer, Balroop. Another collection of poems from you, another book. Thanks for giving us a sneak peak. This poem sounds hopeful and uplifting. We all desire and yearn, sometimes what we want comes true, sometimes they don’t and at the end of the day, best to live every moment as it is. Lovely cover. Best wishes with the new book 🙂

    1. Thank you Mabel for your wishes and support. Where would we be without it? Have a lovely Sunday dear friend and a wonderful week ahead.

  2. These lines look promising. Love is the most popular subject for poets! All the best. I’m sure this one too will do extremely well.

  3. This is wonderful, Balroop! The poem is beautiful and your cover is so lovely. I’d be delighted to share and celebrate your book launch. Cheers to you! XO

  4. I’m tweeting this post. I love your poetry – all of your poems, in all of your books, in one way or another contemplate love, to me, in its many forms.. Perhaps that’s why your poetry resounds within me.

  5. Congratulations. The cover looks so pleasant and so are the verses you’ve shared. Wishing you all the best for ‘Moments of love’

  6. A beautiful excerpt from your new book of love poems Balroop. The cover is beautiful.

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