The Moon #Flashfiction


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I looked around and smiled with glee, wondering how did it all change? A lifetime dream had been accomplished! I sat in my round house, disseminating silvery light. Children sat around me in a semi-circle, awed by the stories I could tell them, one after the other. My adventure in the ocean was the favorite one, and evoked a thousand questions.

“How could you traverse it?”

“Didn’t you get lost?”

“Yes, I did,” I mused, “I couldn’t get back.”

I don’t know how many days had passed as I drifted between slumber and consciousness. All pain had dissipated when I saw the face of a nurse who asked how I was feeling. I told her I dreamt I was the moon and had a magnificent view of the earth from space. Green and blue colors added charm to my stories. I closed my eyes, anticipating the same serenity.

#Flashfiction inspired from dVerse prompt: “I dreamt I was the moon.”

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15 thoughts on “The Moon #Flashfiction

    1. This is my second attempt. I had written one with the help of Sue’s prompt this month only. Thank you for the encouraging words Diana.

  1. What a great place to go instead of reality. Loved the surprise of what the reality was.

  2. This is lovely. I love the details of life as the moon. There’s a sadness there, too, and I couldn’t help wondering where you were drifting to… Thank you for sharing, welcome to dVerse!

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