Glow of sun
Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto

The day sun descended
With all his fire
To dilute the heat
Even clouds forgot to peep

I watched with a gasp
When an azure pool
Changed its color
Heat flew like splinters

Mother earth endured all
Breathing quiet messages
Branches stoop to offer shade
Moments of harmony sway

Now this pool knows magic
As it changes colors
Passion and serenity meet here
Moon lends its silvery glow.
© Balroop Singh, July 2019

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #photoprompt Aflame

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34 thoughts on “Colors

  1. Your poetry just gets better and better Balroop, I have missed not being here my friend. ” Heat flew like splinters”
    We felt some heat here this past week in the UK too Balroop lol The Sky is a wonderful Pool of colour always changing in hues and structure..
    Many thanks and much love ❤

  2. Lovely thoughts about the dramas our beautiful and dear planet Earth withstands.
    It’s strength is beyond our understanding as is its colour displays. Well done Balroop.


  3. I felt the heat and then the waters coolness, Balroop. I was relaxed by the end. Beautifully done.

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