A little pool surrounded by trees
Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto

Immersed in a magical Mirror
We stand gazing at the pool
Dwindling each day
Reflecting upon reasons

When did the magic fade?
Did it vanish with the pool fairy?
Or apathy and human avarice
Devour its exquisite grandeur?

Depleted oasis ebbing away
Reflections gather to ponder
Confabulations grow grim
Shimmer of sun waning at the horizon

Birds fly away in fright
Clouds pass by without respite
New shoots struggle to grow
A positive light lingers

A wake up call reverberates –
Mirroring her mute messages
Respect Mother Nature
Feel the love and nurture it.
© Balroop Singh, August, 2019

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #photoprompt Mirror.

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42 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. I absolutely love the imagery you have built here, running with emotions. Especially loved how you tied it up with a “wake-up call”. Great write!

  2. Beautifully written as always, Balroop, with some wonderful imagery…and hard truths.
    (P.S. I’d love to have you over with a guest post to promote your new book if you can find the time. )

  3. Reflections? I guess we all try and look back someday, trying to find answers. Out here I find your poem explaining all things that are going wrong when it comes to mother nature. Problems that mankind is facing sure is our own making. Greed? comfort? these are two major contributors. People are asking if it is too late? The bigger question is will mankind mend its way?

    1. It is never too late to make amends Arv. That is why a positive light lingers – a reminder that we must pay attention to the warnings. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Balroop, you do indeed take a strong emotional and deep look in that mirror.
    Mirrors can be tricky things, telling various stories. I hope that it isn’t only the greed and avarice that will be refelected
    back. May it be that all love and care also shows.
    The care for each other and Mother Nature. Time will tell.


    1. You are right Miriam, a mirror reflects what we want to see. This time I wanted to focus on indifference of mankind. Thanks for coming over to read and share your thoughts.

  5. I believe the magic faded when humans pulled up their hunter/gatherer roots for the concrete, glass and steel of city life. Some had no choice, I realize. And yes, we are all so different. Nevertheless, when one buys food at a too-brightly-lit supermarket in styrofoam and plastic, one tends to lose track of the source of their nourishment.

    Working with the earth to encourage food production, even if only for ourselves (though there’s always an abundance to share), hands in dirt, eye on the sky, ears attuned to birdsong, keeps my body and spirit in proportion to the bounty of the harvest. I am small, but oh, what these hands can encourage forth from this grand Mother Earth!

    Nicely done, Balroop. Respect, indeed. Aloha ❤

    1. Well-said Bela! The magic of being one with earth that gives us so much if we nurture her with care was snatched slowly by the technological wonders, without showing the consequences, which are now glaring at us!
      Thank you for digging deeper into the mirror of life.

  6. So agree with Prajakta and the others. Great vivid imagery and you do highlight the state of the world today. Life is often a mirror of us and our actions. Our choices and everything we do has an impact on the world and others around us, and I think some of us don’t realise that. Respect is something we all need to learn and do a lot more of if we want to live in a world where there is less hate and more compassion.

    I really like the line ‘New shoots struggle to grow A positive light lingers’ Admist the struggle, there will always be some of us trying and trying again the next day. That is how hope manifest – not giving up what we want to achieve. Another great poem and I really enjoyed this, Balroop.

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