Chased by a fiery cloud
We fly away holding hope
Of softer hues

Dreams dare not unfold
For fear of getting lost
In the glimmer of orange ocean

Promises of dreamy dawn
Echo around us
Wake up and see

The glory of gaudy garment
Transient attire she dons
A temporal delight
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #photoprompt Murmur

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26 thoughts on “Chased

  1. How beautiful is this….
    “Promises of dreamy dawn
    Echo around us
    Wake up and see”
    Love this poem. Let me know if you want to use any of my pictures for your post, will be happy to share.

  2. “Hope” is the force of life, we finally land in its lap when we are completely helpless, no where to go and we don’t have any way out to come out of the problems in life. Navigating the problems is life is what we term as “art of living”. We all have dreams but it is the factor of fear that traps us and we are many time entrapped for life, and we fear taking any step, we become very cautious and stop trying something different to solve our problem and to get going in life…knowing well that everything is temporal in nature and so are problems, this shall also also pass, we need to build the patience, and patience is a virtue and it has become such a rare commodity in this virtual world and we are literally immersed in this digital space…
    In this beautiful piece of picture, nature is displaying its side of the story and though we are natural storyteller but many of us miss telling the way it matters, and you do so with brilliance and there is panache in your wording and the messaging magnificently manifest.
    Thanks as always Balroop for such lovely thoughts and so beautifully crafted.

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