No Time to Grieve



A sea of sand stood before him
Time froze as he trudged on wearily
Without knowing his destination
Each step a specious summon

Sand had swallowed friends and family
The best years of his life drowned
In the moments of morbid dismay
Last victim fell at noon

Yet a mirage waved her scarf
Spreading her dark tresses
Blinded by the glittery tufts
He walked into the arms of illusion

A dream tugged at his heart
Shrieking – do we ever perish?
A race against time –
No time to grieve.
© Balroop Singh, September 2019

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23 thoughts on “No Time to Grieve

  1. I read in the comments how there are many interpretations of this beautiful poem, Balroop. For me, this poem evokes feelings of hope despite the challenges of life. One foot in front of the other.

    1. Thank you Erika, hope is always alive! Poetry is the only genre that is so beautiful due to the interpretations of readers. Most of my poetry evokes hope. Many thanks for noticing it. 🤗

  2. Such profound thoughts, brevity is a craft and you have mastered that reflected so wonderfully with such beautiful choice of words and flow of thoughts, the true essence of life is captured in such nuanced manner, and it makes you think and think deeply what we acquire and what we take at the end. We run against time and we fight for things, and we see the highs of success and the lows of failures, and we keep competing and we keep comparing knowing nothing that can make a real difference to our life. These are mere illusions. We confront reality. We feel we have no option and we keep going and doing things that can well termed as meaningless and some time utterly crazy stuff. We have near and dear ones move away from the real horizon of life and when the focus of light falls on us we literally become motionless, and our emotions are in chaos. We all have dreams and we all have to face the reality, and there is such a agonizing dichotomy and we are helpless trapped. There is this mirage and we have a dream, and we get devoured by the illusions of life, so well articulated and there is perfect marriage of the choice of words and the thoughts that are truly thought providing, there is this philosophical dimension to our life and we need to engage and we all attempt to discover that elusive answers as questions keep coming at us at will but we all don’t have enough will power to keep us empowering.
    Thanks Balroop for such a lovely poem.

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