Author Spotlight: Balroop Singh (Moments We Love)

I share only few posts at Facebook and I happened to share this one. I am amazed at the response from my old friends and students who still remember me fondly. Many thanks to James, an accomplished author and a wonderful blogger friend for giving me this opportunity to show my achievements. Please hop on to James’ blog to read the full interview, where I also share excerpts from my latest book – ‘Moments We Love.’

24 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Balroop Singh (Moments We Love)

  1. Thank you, Balroop, for introducing me to James’ blog. I am at approximately the one year blogging anniversary. I am surprised how I have been introduced to books I enjoy on this journey. I have also met inspirational authors and at times, kindred spirits. I look forward to reading the reviews and learning more:) Erica

    1. The pleasure is mine Erika. James has written some fantastic reviews for my books. I am glad you are finding this journey inspiring…Blogosphere is an awesome place to meet nice friends. Thank you for coming over to share your view.

      1. I agree that only people who appreciate and enjoy your work can suggest improvements. To be honest, I don’t feel there is any area for improvement. If the words can be easily understood by everyone, I consider that the objective is achieved. Don’t you think so?

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