Wake Up!

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The day sun descended
To wake up the dead
A blinding light lit the hallway
Positivity floated around them

Nudging each other
They tried to open their eyes,
Move their numb limbs
To rise, to show their valor

Open arches’ acerbic voice
Stirred some sentiments
Sardonic sound shamed
The mute expressions and excuses

Crushed by fear and distress
They waited for their messiah
Nowhere could he be found
Ruins reverberated waterloo

When people forget their power
When they waver and totter
When they pigeon out
Fall overwhelms the dead.
© Balroop Singh

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27 thoughts on “Wake Up!

  1. What a fascinating poem, Balroop. I hope I don’t interpret it wrong, but in my mind, it encourages us all to know our power from within. To acknowledge our light, and to shine it to the world.

  2. Balroop, you have again danced between the dark and the light within us and hence within the world.
    It is our choices, our actions. How we use the power and light we were given.
    A strong poem.


    1. Most of my poems reflect light through darkness Miriam and it is my conviction that light always wins despite the pitfalls. Thanks for coming over to read and share your view. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Your poem makes me think of the presence of angels when “positivity floated.” You also make me feel it is presently a collective feeling in the world. We forget the power of the individual. My interpretation, Balroop. A thought provoking poem evoking negative and positive emotions.

    1. Your interpretation resonates with me. I believe in the power that lies within us Erica, it can harness all negativity to turn it around. Not sure about Angels but there is some power that pulls us through adversities. Thank you for sharing your insights, much appreciated. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. This poem is a bit different from what you normally compose. For one you have emphasized on humans, the one present rather than unknown. This one evokes a mixed feeling rather than pure positive one. Brilliant work.

    1. I have some such poems that comment on people. This one calls upon all to act against those who consider themselves to be smarter to rule, not caring for those who need to be heard.

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