Fall and Haiku

Fall haiku

 Fall evokes emotions
It speaks myriad messages of
Beauty, life and re-birth.

I didn’t know what is “Fall” till I saw and discovered its real meaning. I didn’t know Autumn is “delicious” or “ the year’s last, loveliest smile” till I tasted it.

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” – George Eliot 

Autumn was just another season for me, a relief from scorching heat. Beauties of Mother Nature were revealed to me when I visited this part of the globe to meet my girls who chose to study in U.S universities. The charm of Bryn Mawr campus captivated me, evoking emotions that melted into words:

Fall haiku

Ochre and crimson
Robes of Mother Nature remind
Decay can be exquisite.

Autumn haiku

Autumn is peeping
Through the sidewalks it smiles
Evoking eloquence.

Fall haiku

Beauty changes connotation
Decay doesn’t decimate it
Gather treasures for posterity.

Year after year, as I watch this beauty now and consider myself blessed to see how mother earth gathers treasures for posterity.

Thank you for your support dear readers. I am travelling this month. See you in December.

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Balroop Singh.

39 thoughts on “Fall and Haiku

  1. I don’t get to experience the fall colors here in this part of our world but thanks to friends like you, I do enjoy this virtual trip. Have a great trip.

    1. You are right arv, the bliss of looking at the colors of Fall is greatly missed where you live and who goes to hills in Autumn? Here we just step out and see this glory all around us! 😊

  2. I love your fall haikus, Balroop. I’ve always loved this time of year and the changes that come with it. Hope your travels are going well.

    1. Yes, it was and the sentiments return each year as I go crazy taking pictures. All these photos were taken while taking a walk in the vicinity…such a treat for the eyes and poetic mind! Hugs back to you Lisa.

  3. Balroop, I especially love your words “decay can be exquisite.” I believe I am in the Autumn of my life. My body is changing, yet I too have gathered “treasures for posterity.” I appreciate how your words can be interpreted on many levels. Safe and happy travels, Balroop.🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing lovely thoughts Erica. Sorry for this late reply, I hope you can understand how meeting family and friends makes us forget all other activities. 🙂

  4. Balroop, I love your thoughtful and beautiful reflection about the season as it “Gather treasures for posterity.” There is a sense of harmony restored as autumn approaches, a peace settling upon the land, air … spirits calmed! Wonderful photos to accompany your poetry, my friend! Enjoy the blessings and richness of the season! 🍂😀❤️

    1. Many thanks for coming over to share your eclectic thoughts Annika, nice to see you. I am sorry for this late reply, as I was travelling. Just came back from a whirlwind tour of meeting family and friends. 🙂

      1. Wow! I bet that was an emotional time for you … even very positive experiences can be highly charged. Lovely you’ve had a chance to visit your family and friends.

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