Gathering Bliss


Those days that are special
Days we cherish
Days that take us back
Into the limber labyrinth of life

Myriad moments come alive
Reviving everlasting memories
Each day reinforces relationships
And bonding that is eternal

I basked in their glory
Revisiting those moments
Savoring smiles of loved ones
Love that has stood the test of time

Garbed in childhood bliss
Reminiscing only the delight
I gathered gossamer grains
Of time, twinkling just for a while.
© Balroop Singh

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Balroop Singh.

36 thoughts on “Gathering Bliss

  1. Beautiful poem Balroop. Your image for Gathering Bliss is so perfect
    and the poem express the emotions so strongly. I especially love your last stanza :
    ” Garbed in childhood bliss
    Reminiscing only the delight
    I gathered gossamer grains
    Of time, twinkling just for a while.”



    1. Thank you Miriam for liking the words that try to express the momentary joy we derive from talking about our past, reliving those moments that folded us into what we are. 🙂

    1. Thanks Diana, it’s blissful to revisit memories especially when we meet siblings and old friends. Words can never express the depth of emotions though I have made a little effort.

  2. This is probably one of the most simple and beautiful poems. Reliving the moments is usually uplifting. you look back and realize there are moments in your life that brings smile and joy. Makes life worth living.

  3. Beautiful, Balroop… ❤ We have so many blissful memories to return to and so many yet to be made. Perfect ponderings for the holidays and the new year ahead. Blessings and love to you and yours… xo

  4. “…the limber labyrinth of life”–I’m remembering those days as I wait for my joints to warm up this morning. Ah what wonderful days those were.

  5. Your title already makes me feel good, Balroop. Very beautiful words. You had indicated you would be away visiting family. I suspect your words are about your family. Sometimes getting together with family may result in increased drama and bad memories. I appreciate how you share the special love and beauty of these eternal relationships. 🙂

  6. It’s with a sense of wonder that the past is reawakened, the childhood memories becoming part of adult reality – you capture the magic and awe of these moments with tenderness and beauty here, Balroop! This interweaving of time adds another dimension to our lives, past and present!

  7. Ahhh, I sink into your words, Balroop. “The limber labyrinth of life” – YES, it is just so.
    I just had such an experience with this labyrinth, traveling to the Bay Area to visit my son and his family, and friends, as we remembered wonderful times past. How the memories rolled into love! (On the other hand, never saw the sun once in 7 days – needed rain for the area, for sure). 🙂 xo

    1. Thank you for understanding the emotions that flow through this poem and sharing your own experiences 🤗
      Oh yes sun has handed over the baton to clouds 😊

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