Powerful Poetry : A Review of ‘Roads’

I have a separate page for the books I review but once in a while when some book touches me deeply, I post the review at the main page. As I clicked on the last page of Roads, I thought if a debut book is so good, sky is not the limit for these two budding poets!

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‘Roads: A Journey With Verses’ by Vandana Bhasin and Smitha Vishwanath is a brilliant collection of poems that talk about life, love and the paths that mold us, values that mentor us, and pay a tribute to the persons who hold our hand through turbulent times to make our journey smoother.

In perfect sync with each other, Smitha’s tenderness is complemented by the exquisite style of Vandana who lashes out at societal norms that fetter us to the threshold, trying to slash our wings to compress us into compartments. Bold and chilling, her poems question the dogma, the exploitation and injustice that have been meekly accepted in the name of parochial diktats. Raising voice against subjugation, she calls upon shedding “the mask” and “darn the rules.”

One of my favorites, ‘Writer vs. Woman’ validates the power that lies dormant within the so-called fragile woman who proudly declares: “Do I need a better armor when words are my defense?” Realism percolates through their words as they capture a thousand emotions with élan. ‘Miss You When You’re Gone’ touches the most precious memories of letting go and breaking free from the stifling love that lingers despite the pride of watching our children soar toward the horizon of their choice. All mothers could relate to the pangs embedded within the words of Smitha.

For a person like me who values emotions and relationships, these poems are heart-warming. Along with tender moments of nurturing love and trust, self-belief, determination and courage stand out to reassure that there is no need to be swayed by the age-old traditions of embracing the defined roles. These poems would tug at your heart; stirring a thousand moments that stand and smile at you, reiterating that roads of life may be arduous yet shimmer with hope and happiness.
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Balroop Singh.

27 thoughts on “Powerful Poetry : A Review of ‘Roads’

    1. Thank you Jacqui! We did a lot of fighting with the Publishers to get the cover :), so your appreciation of it means a lot. Thank you.

  1. Thank you so much Balroop for this beautiful review. Its an honor and a dream come true for me. When I saw ‘Timeless Echoes,’ for the first time and read the blurb, I wanted to write a book too and I wanted to know what you’d say about it. That was way back in 2017, I think. So, this means a lot to me. Thank you so much for reading the book and sharing your experience with it.

    1. My pleasure Smitha 😊 I am delighted that Timeless Echoes inspired you toward your journey with the words. Thanks for sharing this thought, you made my morning tea sweeter 🤗

  2. Poems are supposed to touch your emotions. It seems that she has done job quite well. Being a poet yourself, I’m sure your positive review carries a lot of weight. Keep those reviews coming.

  3. Thanks for telling us about this collection of poems, Balroop. They sound a lot like YOUR beautiful poetry that expresses so much with emotional words. I can’t wait to read the “Writer vs Woman” poem. ❤

  4. A beautiful and inspirational review, Balroop – I’m touched by the themes explored in the poems and the heart and love that seems to be in every single one! I’ll look at this closer!

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