Raining Opportunities


Rain and clouds – a poet’s delight but they bring in gloom for some. It’s the way we look at things! Perspectives mold us into the kind of individuals we want to be.

Rain brings in some beautiful memories of the distant past, of childhood paper boats and weeping trees, of opportunities to slip out and splash in the transitory pools, which beckoned us to see our delightful faces.

Life passed by, robbing us of those thrilling moments. When the real meaning of opportunities dawned on us, we learned some profound lessons…

Opportunities are like drops of rain…you have to welcome them, harvest them and make them turn around! If you carry an umbrella all the time, you will miss the fun of soaking in their grandeur. They make you the person you would like to be, one day!

If you want to pick up the right opportunity,

  • Have faith in yourself.girl-1438138__340
  • Banish fears.
  • Follow your dreams.
  • Take initiative.

Sometimes opportunities come in the form of blessings, most unexpected but they also come in the form of misfortunes, with hidden possibilities and we may fail to comprehend what they have to offer. Dig deeper!

Mist of circumstances blocks our imagination, stops us from making new beginnings. Sometimes we don’t take the initiative due to lack of support, money, resources, health and sometimes family commitments seem more important. There is a silence within us, which responds only when the opportunity connects with our passion.

Having an open mind toward all the possibilities is the right approach. If we have a positive attitude, half the battle is won. Disappointments may disillusion us but an optimist would call it a blessing in disguise; thinking there is something better waiting for us!

I have always felt horizon is better than the sky because it keeps moving away, hence giving an impetus to our dreams and goals! Let the horizon be your inspiration. Clouds shield the light. Be patient!

“Create the world you want and fill it with the opportunities that matter to you”—Alicia Keys.

What stops you from making new beginnings? Do you have the determination to create your own opportunities? You can share your valuable thoughts here.

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Balroop Singh.

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35 thoughts on “Raining Opportunities

  1. Very interesting post, Balroop, with both questions and answers.
    I really like the allegory of the umbrella as it brings fun and seemingly impossible images to mind.
    In our heavy rains lately I found the umbrella a great protections until heavy storms arrived and made fun at me and my umbrella. Tore it upside down or any which way. Life can be the same I feel.
    I do admit to love sunny and calm days.
    I also admit to have met and gone through a fair number of storms.


    1. Thank you for your lovely words Miriam. What is life without stormy weather! Storms do blow away umbrellas and opportunities but those who face these storms without brooding over the loss learn to enjoy rains, as clouds dispel one day, ushering in new horizons.

  2. Well said, Balroop. I completely agree that what appears to be a bad circumstance just may be our opportunity. We never know in the moment what our blessi gs really are. Thanks for the post.

    1. That’s why the symbol of rain (a blessing and a curse) seemed so significant to me Denise. Inspired from the weather around us. 🙂
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Thought provoking post Balroop. Everything happens for a reason, sometimes disguised under an unpleasant situation – goes with the adage ‘when one door closes’. 🙂 x

  4. This really lifted me up! Love your perspective on finding opportunity. This made me smile: “If you carry an umbrella all the time, you will miss the fun of soaking in their grandeur.” So true, Balroop. Yet we tend to do anything to keep dry in the rain. We forget to just let it be and not to worry about the consequences. Thanks for this optimistic post!

  5. Without the rain (or snow, as is my case as I look out my window) the earth (and we) would be parched, wither, and die. The rain soaks into our soul in some ways, doesn’t it? And it all depends on how we view this wet mystery – as a dampening effect, or as a way to replenish and refresh. As you infer, better to be refreshed! ❤

    1. Love your perspective Pam. Rain is the original music of Mother Nature, all else is inspired from her, that’s why it touches our soul. Thank you for standing by to share your thoughts. Enjoy the season!

  6. I love the idea of the umbrella Balroop!
    Nice thoughts that make us reflect on life chances. A positive attitude make the difference indeed. It’s not always easy to see opportunities but as we move forward we start to have a better view of a special situation and how it changed us.
    Have a sweet end of week Balroop.

  7. Very interesting and thought-provoking post. Often the opportunities come disguised. Do you think our instincts or what we sometimes call a gut feeling can guide us?

    1. Instincts do play a major role in mentoring us but people are easily influenced by their loved ones and sometimes their guidance is more useful than your own gut feeling. Circumstances too step in and many good opportunities are lost in their maze.

  8. Balroop, an uplifting post reminding us to see the gifts of the storms, look for the deeper truths within them! It’s not always easy, and we may at first not like what we discover, but they should never be ignored!

  9. Lovely post. Everything does happen for a reason. At the end it will all pan out. That’s what I tell myself when the going get tough. Merry Christmas to you! 🙂

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