Looking back was never my way
New dreams drown me
Deeper I go into the sea
Keeping my eyes at the horizon

Swimming was never my sport
Yet I wade into waters
Splashing around for fun
Waves of words comfort me

Flanked by those waves
I smile at the new dawn
Each one brings love and peace
I wish the same for you.
© Balroop Singh

Wishing a wonderful 2020 to all my blogger friends and readers.

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Balroop Singh.

37 thoughts on “#NewYearWishes

  1. Love the poem, Balroop, particularly the opening hook. And also, “Flanked by those waves, I smile at the new dawn.” And excellent character sketch of an interesting and forward-looking person, and a perfect attitude to carry into the new year. Hope your 2020 is terrific!

  2. Happy New Year, Balroop! I think I have read the word “dawn” in some of your other poetry? A new beginning, possibility, and like you say so beautifully “…eyes at the horizon.” A new year, a new decade. A positive way to move forward. Thank you for beautiful words, Balroop.🙂

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