This is also Love!

Love is a sublime emotion, which is only understood when we have crossed the pitfalls of infatuation; when we stop gazing at its dazzling light; when we learn to look within and when it has taught us its value. I have written about it many times. Here is an excerpt from one of my poems:

“True love keeps smiling in our eyes
Like a fountain that never dries
It instills hope, respect, patience
The journey of love is so elating.”
© Balroop Singh

Recently I stumbled upon a book of poetry that acquainted me with another aspect of LOVE; not because it came back (which is so rare) but because it validated my belief that I have shared in the opening lines.

71A6gYNJjwL._AC_SL260_This poetry was written when the poet was a youngster. It made no sense to cling to those painful memories, so she abandoned it in some dark corner of the house to move forward. Many years later, her dad found the original script and gave it to her. That’s how these poems saw the light of the day to enlighten many minds. Eeva Lancaster shares the story of her life in the introductory part of this book.

The good news is that her love came back to her after 10 years!


In Loving You – A Journey of Love and Self Discovery by Eeva Lancaster highlights that love is not just elation, not just the ecstasy of holding each other to soak in the blissful moments; it is heartbreaking too, it drives you almost crazy, pushing you into the shadows with “ghost” like existence. Emotionally charged and realistic, these poems bring out profound realities of relationships – anguish, yearning, heartbreak, loneliness, and emptiness – each emotion has been exquisitely captured by Eeva. The passion of a youngster shines through her verses.

Isn’t it ironic that love, the most powerful emotion acquaints you with the “beauty of surrender,” makes you feel like “a reed so soft and bending!” Some poems inspire to move on, conveying a subtle message that clinging on to somebody who doesn’t acknowledge your love is futile. If we could peep through the drapes of present, if we could escape the pain – an essential part of life – we would cease to be emotional and creative. Eeva’s poetry suggests that the journey toward self-discovery lies through cauldrons of circumstances, which may smile at you at a later stage. I salute this brave poet for sharing the story of her life.

© Balroop Singh

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19 thoughts on “This is also Love!

  1. What a wonderful backstory to the book. I can imagine youthful love dying, rejecting the book, only to be inspired by it later.

  2. What a beautiful review Balroop and this resonated with me.. So many of my own early attempts of writing poetry as a teenager were sad as I was back then.. Sometimes life comes full circle to show us how far we have travelled.. And it isn’t until we can look back, we see just how far we have come..

    Wishing you a Wonderful Happy New Year Balroop, thank you for your wisdom, your love and the Blessings you give.. May your own 2020 bring Joy and much happiness..

    Love Sue 🙂 ❤

    1. True, life teaches us to live better. Whatever the path, we learn to love it and move ahead. 🙂 Thanks for your wishes and I am sending back to you with love. Stay blessed and have a wonderful 2020.

  3. What a gift the poetry was saved and now shared. I didn’t have a grasp of poetry as a youth.

    1. Parents value each and everything of their children! I too am glad that this poetry was saved! Youngsters perspective is so different. Thanks for sharing your view Denise.

  4. Balroop, You make me think how the concept of the love you give, returns to you, when these poems returned to her. This can also apply in a broader sense. Eeva sounds like she was an old soul, wisdom beyond her years. Yet, we all have to go through the difficult emotions. Like you say, “an essential part of life.” You reminded me of a duo tang (I don’t know whether these still exist) I came across. It contained notes I had written when I was twelve years old. I still have many of the same likes, dislikes, feelings I had at that time. Thank you for sharing this review.

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