Where Is He?


To my mind
He was…
Just an unknown entity,
A focus to inspire, to guide.
A self-created image
To give succor
A mirage!
So unreasonable, insensitive!
So confusing, open to interpretations
Self-evasive, far away
Invisible by choice.

Till I met this man!
I wonder…
Could there be anyone
More positive, more selfless
More caring, more forgiving
More generous, more peace loving?
Who never doubts your intentions
Who doesn’t care about pretentions
Who could mold you with his goodness.
His presence convinces me
God is not invisible.

© Balroop Singh

This poem is dedicated to the most loving person in my life, who is an embodiment of patience, forgiveness, humility and understanding. He has defined LOVE for me.

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38 thoughts on “Where Is He?

  1. Your poem is beautiful Balroop. I love the way the two stanzas swing. The first stanza being negative – almost
    angry. Then the second stanza swinging to neigh on a song of praise to the one you love.
    It is great.💕.


  2. Very often, while we are searching for the almighty, we forget to notice the God-like humans around us. Life will be better if we notice and reciprocate the presence of such humans. Beautifully penned.

  3. Perfect Balroop… Such is unconditional love.. Would more could find it at its Source.. ❤
    Have a Beautiful weekend Balroop… Love and well wishes your way my friend ❤

  4. Balroop, a most moving and heartfelt tribute to the love in your life!❤️ Reading the comments I see you only met each on one occasion before your marriage and how wonderful to have found such deep love, respect, and companionship with each other. I am sure your words here are reflected how he feels about you … a perfect balance of each completing the other. The purest gift in life … one to treasure. xx

    1. Thanks Annika. I am blessed, as I have come across very few men like him. He doesn’t read my poetry (sigh) and I haven’t shown this one to him. 🙂 If I do, he would just laugh it away.

      1. He knows anyway, I’m sure … keep your poetry close to your heart … sharing with us here and the wider world through your books. His loss though … if I dare say so. xx

  5. Okay, tears again, Balroop. Good tears. Beautiful! I realize your poetry is always open to interpretation. Yet, I do feel you have met my husband. Since you wrote about him so beautifully in the second part of your poem. I read through some of the comments and quite the story on how you met your husband. Inspirational! I am behind on my reading since I had the privilege of watching the birth of my grandson last week. Unconditional, pure love! Thank you for sharing your words, Balroop. xx

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