Literary Beetles

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto

Gold couldn’t lure us
We are literary beetles
We walk at will, making our own trail.

Destinations don’t hold us
We scatter words that shimmer
The sky is our canvas.

Our burrows are cavernous
We bury dreams in them
They reverberate ruefully.

We wait for wings
To excavate our aspirations
Of touching the horizon.

The path may be treacherous
Our feet may be feeble
Yet we walk undeterred
Impelled by each other’s whisper.
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #photoprompt Crown

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47 thoughts on “Literary Beetles

  1. some of these lines are so relevant in current times.

    “We wait for wings
    To excavate our aspirations
    Of touching the horizon”

  2. I believe your poem resonates for all writers, literary beetles, especially during challenging times. I love “reverberate ruefully.” My interpretation is the words are building and want to be released but how and when. I read your poem a few times, and each time uncovered more layers. Your words do shimmer, Balroop, always. Beautiful!💕

  3. Isn’t this a neat idea? Literary Beetles indeed, burrowing our words in the Earth of the minds of others. Here’s to scattering our shimmering words and sharing our souls with our stories. xo

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