Rocky Terrain

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto

Rocks don’t inspire me
But hostile terrain beckons
I’ve no choice
I can’t give up my chase
If the cure lies beyond.

Thank you for the inspiration Sue. We are all on this terrain.

I have been writing poetry, deriving solace from the spring, heralding change – a brilliant reminder that nature remains untouched despite the encroachments that have been made on her beauty.

The fiery touch of Corona virus that nature has sent to show who is in command, is just the beginning of a new era for mankind who didn’t bother to heed the warnings. William Wordsworth’s prophetic lines come to my mind:

“To her fair works did Nature link
The human soul that through me ran;
And much it grieved my heart to think
What man has made of man.“

I’ve kept my cool by keeping my thoughts positive, by reiterating the message of the universe that nothing is permanent.

I’ve been listening to music more than the news to keep my sanity.

I come from the family of doctors and many of my dear ones are directly involved in the task of offering their services, I call them the soldiers of present times and salute all those who are fighting the monster called Covid – 19.

We shall overcome is the refrain that rings in my ears everyday.

Mother nature has been too kind, ‘we should never take anything for granted,’ we heard that phrase a thousand times but never paid any attention. We need to respect her message and her creation.

Remember, we are doing no honor to her. We are doing all this for ourselves, to save us and keep our dear ones safe.

After paying for our negligence, we would get another chance. That’s the law of nature. As a renowned urdu poet Sahir Ludhianavi wrote, “Raat bhar ka hai mehmaan andhera, kiske roke ruka hai savera…” (Translation: Darkness is just a guest of the night, who can hold back the morning?)

I have pulled out an excerpt from my debut poetry book to renew hope:

Time has stood still
The storm is yet to pass
The descent of night seems eternal
Perplexed, petrified, I wait.

Wait for a new dawn
Wait for a smooth tide
Wait for that lovely flight
Which brings hope!

© Balroop Singh

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56 thoughts on “Rocky Terrain

  1. Beautifully written, Balroop. Hope and renewal are ours, should we choose them…
    I hope your family are, and remain, safe as they work to help heal those affected by this virus.

  2. Beautiful poems, Balroop. You always seem serene and hopeful to me. I hope your family members who are helping others through this time of uncertainty and suffering stay safe and well. Take care, my friend. ❤

    1. Thank you Diana, every thought gets careened these days to just one topic! Who could have ever imagined to bring man to his knees like that!

  3. Thanks for sharing both of your poems, Balroop. They are perfect for these times we are facing. You are right. We are paying penance, but that penance is to our own selfish ends. Let’s hope we change for the better. And absolutely, doctors and nurses are our soldiers. HUGS.

  4. Your thoughts are lovely Balroop😊👍paying a respectable bow to your family, who are indeed soldiers protecting us, renewing hope!!

  5. Beautiful allusion with rocks. I see them too as challenging but inspiring so this worked well for me. Lovely poetry.

  6. This is beautiful Balroop. I picked up a heart rock on the beach this morning along the river as I walked with my dog. I added it to the basket by the front door when I got home. Mother Nature’s nature is very loving. ❤

  7. Well said, Balroop! I agree about turning off the news and focusing on the positive and nature! Stay safe xo

  8. Staying positive, yes, and focused on hope.
    We shall overcome!
    Nature is showing us the way…
    Stay well Balroop and thank you for this inspiring post

  9. You have a way with words, Balroop. Love this post. Rocky terrain is a great title. I feel as if we are all traversing rocky ground these days. Our daughter works the front lines at the hospital so we constantly remember her and her colleagues in our prayers. May you and your family be safe as well. And this too shall pass. ^^__^^

      1. Balroop, my pleasure. Agree that this too shall pass. I’m so happy that some states are getting back to normal too. We need common sense in all this madness.oxox

      2. Thank you once again, Balroop. Our conversations seem to pick up right where we left off just like old friends seem to do. Patience and HOPE! Enjoy the weekend. ox

  10. Beautiful Balroop. Mother earth is teaching us now. Those who don’t get it will be lost or parish. Stay safe and stay sane! ❤

  11. The world has certainly become a different place in such a short span of time. The poem from your debut book is so apt. The storm is still going strong, but there will be a better tomorrow. The world has seen many hard times throughout history such as World Wars and other pandemics, and came out changed but alright.

    That is very kind of some of your dear ones to offer their services in these difficult times. Best wishes to them and hope they stay safe. You stay safe too Balroop.

    1. I agree with you Mabel, stormy times never last. Hopefully this would pass quickly and we would recover from its repercussions. Just a matter of time and patience 😊 Thanks for your wishes. Stay safe.

  12. I love everything about this post. First, your response to Sue’s photo is perfect. We can’t give up the chase, and you being like me, view the chase I believe more toward serenity, peace, understanding than it is about ‘catching’ anything. And thanks for including Wordsworth’s poem. Prophetic he was, yes, and also so wise. And thank you for the translation: “Darkness is just a guest of the night, who can hold back the morning?” It’s so important for us all to remember that the light will shine again. It always shines within us. YOU shine with your words and poetry. ❤

    1. Thank you Pam, if we keep our calm and assist just by keeping social distance, we would be able to cross this rocky path, slow but sure if we don’t lose the determination. 😊💕

  13. Beautiful and wise post, Balroop, and I pray your family will stay safe. The impact on them and the hospitals is truly unfathomable. I know my family is not ready to toss the gloves and masks. It’s not over yet, even though there is talk of “opening up” soon. I am hopeful for the light over the rocky terrain, but I also wonder what the new “normal” will be or how long it will take to bring us all back to each other, to hugging and shaking hands without worry. Stay well, my friend, and thank you for welcoming me back so warmly, too. ❤

    1. Thanks for your prayers Lauren, it would take a long time for real hugs. Meanwhile we have digital hugs and those who had no time for families have come together to hold house parties through these devices. Some positive point! 😊

  14. Hi Balroop, A great phrase “…nature has sent to show who is in command…” I have not been listening to music much. Reading your post, I wonder why? I think it is because beautiful music always brings me close to tears and I am afraid of the emotion right now. I find I read your posts at least a couple of times. Much wisdom and many gems. Reality and Hope. A great post!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words about my posts Erica, I am delighted to hear that you found some wisdom in them. My younger colleagues always said so and I remember their words fondly.
      Oh! I can’t think of my day without music and I listen to it whenever I am cooking, it adds aroma to my food and changes my mood. I avoid such music that may evoke tears but I like soft romantic songs and ghazals, sometimes dance numbers bring great cheer. 🙂

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