The Horizon

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto

This image reminds me of a real story of two kids who thought that the sky and the earth meet and they would be able to touch the horizon. Everyday they watched in awe and yearned to go there. The day their moms left them in the care of their grandma, they got the opportunity. Holding each other’s hand they walked toward their favorite place. Grandma thought they must be playing with the ducks near the pond. Adventure ran through their blood.

They quickened their pace as the sun shone brighter. They walked and walked, far away to touch the horizon. When moms returned home in the afternoon to discover the missing kids, they were blamed for being careless and irresponsible. A frantic search ensued. Grandma rushed into neighboring houses, hoping the kids must be playing with their friends.

The big news was delivered to Mr. J. Singh, an authoritarian man with haughty demeanor who considered talking to women a waste of time. He was furious and thundered: “These women can’t even take care of two kids!” Only grandma could face his wrath and order him to send men all around the village. No success!

Having realized the gravity of the situation, Mr. Singh took his bike out and told grandma that the kids must have fallen in the canal. Mumbling some obscenities at the women of the house, he drove away to request the local authorities to stop the discharge of water so that the bodies could be retrieved.

Never could anyone imagine the delight at the face of Mr. Singh as he returned home with us, chatting away to glory! Grandma ran to the storehouse to carry round blocks of Gur (jaggery) to be distributed to all those who came to congratulate!

Nobody was interested in their story and who saved them!

Within hours, Mr. autocrat announced: “Catch the morning bus and go back to the city. I’ve had enough of your adventures.” Nobody dare argue with him but we tried. Still our vacation was cut short.

I was one of those kids and the other, my cousin.children-1586249__340

Balroop Singh.

Thanks to Sue Vincent for a lovely Thursday #writephoto Causeway.

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44 thoughts on “The Horizon

  1. I smiled when I found out it was you, Balroop. Your wanting to touch the horizon comes out in your poetry:)

  2. A wonderful memory well expressed, Balroop, and the first sentence is compelling to read further. Oh, the innocence and curiosity of children! This is even better knowing you’re one of the characters. 🙂

    1. I am delighted that you found this little story interesting. Thank you for your lovely words Lauren. Ah… the curiosity! One of my friends played with fire in her childhood.

  3. I do love this story! Somehow I can imagine you chasing the horizon. But I’ve got to say I was incensed that this man saying or thinking what is wrong with the women that they can’t watch two children. I would love to see men like him watch children day after day and keep his eye right on them. Of course I’m sure he would say he’s got far more important work to do! 🙄😘

  4. A child’s imagination can get them into a lot of trouble but if they survive, it’s magical! Wonderful story except for the man who felt the superiority over women and they couldn’t do something as simple as watch 2 kids. Unfortunately, we still live in a man’s world…

  5. Wow, quite the story, Balroop. When you began with “…reminds me of a real story…” I was hoping for a happy ending. And, yes, thank goodness you are here safe and sound to tell the story.🙂

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