Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto

Frozen faces?
Don’t mistake them for stones
They are the faces of humanity
They tell the untold misery.

Sunburnt and sunken?
Don’t judge their color
They are unsung heroes
Tortured souls who refused to give up.

Ask the village elders
Their valor shines in their faces
They earned your freedom
They exemplify human values.

Sacrosanct sentinels of eons
Conceal sagas of savagery
Living reminders of venom
That is fed into human blood.

Wild flowers bloom around them
Comforting their distressed hearts
That still beat for those
Who value free thoughts.
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #writephoto prompt Guardian

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57 thoughts on “Guardians

    1. So true Sue, there are some parts of this globe where freedom of thought is considered a sin, a blasphemy even in this era! Thank you for the inspiration.

  1. Beautifully crafted, indeed we have taken nature for granted. They are living creatures but we treat them in a deadly manner. We have used and misused them. There is life in every matter but we have stopped being connected with the heart of nature, we have ceased to nurture our nature. The mountains and the colossal rocks spread across the landscape of nature are silent witness to the things gone by, and they have seen the millions of years of journey of mankind, and they know it everything but unfortunately they speak a different language. We have been busy talking our language, ignoring theirs. So well said, frozen faces and we should not mistake them for stones. Sunburn and we shouldn’t be judging them them by their color. Look at it, there are these beautiful flowers around those hardened heart, comforting their distressed souls. One couldn’t have put it better…
    Hope all well, stay safe and take care.

      1. All well here. Hope things are all fine at your end. These are indeed tough times, we have to wait and go with the things, this problem is all encompassing. take care!!!

  2. I love your take on the picture. Great addition of wild flowers of hope.

  3. I love your beautiful poem, Balroop. Like you I find strength and beauty in rocks.
    Age old sentinels who seen so much. Your last stanza is so honouring and
    The wildflowers bring the softness and love.


    1. I am delighted to hear your thoughts Miriam, these rocks are indeed inspiring and to me, they spoke what I wrote. Yes, it seems the wildflowers are paying an eternal homage to the sacrifices of such heroes. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  4. This is very moving and disturbing in a good way. Makes us think of how short but destructive our time on earth is. Powerful, Balroop. This:
    “Sacrosanct sentinels of eons
    Conceal sagas of savagery

    1. Some emotions are embraced despite their disturbing nature, I know you understand them so well Lisa. Thank you for feeling the power within that verse… we all know how savage some people could be!

  5. So beautiful, telling, and thought-provoking, Balroop. Your second verse moved me with its powerful message and how many people are so quick to judge by appearance alone. Even in current times, the news is disturbing. Wish we could all just get along. Thank you for sharing this beautiful compliment to Sue’s photo and have a good weekend. 💕

    1. You have picked up the right emotion Lauren. Nothing has changed! Prejudices of ages embed deeper into the minds and are passed on to the next generation… just a few protests that are snubbed! Even wars couldn’t erase the ugly aspects of humanity. Wild flowers signify love that always wins.

      1. You’re very welcome, my friend. You’re truly a talented poet. I would love to see the world through your eyes for a day. 😀

  6. I see those faces within the rocks Balroop.. Your sentence “Sacrosanct sentinels of eons ” perfect description of these majestic rocks who have watched over the ocean and who have seen so much history pass beneath them… They deserve the comfort of wildflowers.. No doubt they have witnessed aeons of change..

    Wonderful poetry.. So loved this one Balroop ❤ 😀

    1. Thank you for your lovely words Sue, I am delighted to note that you liked the description of these rocks. They seem to tell their story. 🙂

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