The Key

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto

The key to his heart was always with me
But I never turned it
The secrets within – I had deciphered
Words seemed superfluous

I could hear when it spoke softly
Angst lay within
Those crevices I explored alone
To calm the crimson rims

Trust of togetherness shaped us
Even time bowed
Storms raged and lost their rancor
Hearts could conquer all

Light and darkness merged here
We welcomed both
No agony could ever efface
The love that levees our contours

Some secrets have to remain buried
Because they are ours
We do share them
But only with the stars.
© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #writephoto prompt Secret

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47 thoughts on “The Key

  1. Thank you Lisa, this image really drew blank when I saw it. I have another poem in one of my books that goes so well with this picture but I told myself, I must let my muse conjure something. I had to push her hard and here it is! 🙂

  2. Balroop, Your muse did conjure powerful words. The concept of time, “secrets” “crevices” “light and darkness merged here.” I realize poetry can have different interpretations, yet, a question? I see the “crimson rims” in the photo (likely rust) and I also think about “crimson rims” as our eyes after we have been weeping. Is this your message? Beautiful and thought-provoking.💕

    1. Thank you for trying to get into the words and what do they symbolize Erica, you seem to be a poetry lover! Crevices and crimson rims refer to heart that hides real feelings but are understood by a person who knows you well, that’s why words don’t seem to matter. Light and darkness also are used as symbol of ups and downs of life that we could face better if we value relationships. 😊

  3. Such a beautiful poem Balroop.. Loved these lines “Trust of togetherness shaped us
    Even time bowed “…. 🙂 Loved how your rounded off your poem too .. “Some secrets have to remain buried Because they are ours We do share them But only with the stars.”…. 💚🙏

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