They Soar Higher Than Clouds

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto

Dark, rumbling clouds stirred him out. He stretched and looked around. Some of his friends were flying high but he couldn’t miss the sound – muffled yet clear.

“What are you digging?” Vendatta stood at the edge of the valley.
“What for?”
“To lend… to exchange.”
“Really? But souls are said to be free. They soar higher than clouds.”
“Beliefs don’t misguide me. I know my passion.”
“Where do you find them?”
“Some are buried and some fly high. Some I capture and bury.”
“Can you lend me one?”
“Sure,” said the Digger.
“Can I keep it forever?”
“Depends! If you have the inclination and the strength.”

All his depression melted.
Vendatta was a changed man now. He knew his destination.

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #writephoto prompt Soar

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54 thoughts on “They Soar Higher Than Clouds

    1. Only those that recede into darkness need to be dug, only those who choose to slip into that abyss need to be shown light. A subtle message for those!

  1. You took me on a thought-provoking journey of “souls” Balroop. Not a straight and direct path. A beautiful poem inspired by the photo.💕

    1. Yes, they are. If you let them be and don’t try to put them into compartments. Look around you arv… how many of them are oppressed and stifled.

  2. Interesting talk Balroop. Yes souls are free by essence but so many seem lost these days…

  3. Your dialogue is beautiful, clever, and thought-provoking, Balroop. And the relevance in your message is uncanny to current events. Thank you! 💕

  4. The other day, a group of four or five crows flew overhead. They were giving chase to a giant black raven and even hit him a few times! Maybe that’s the ‘souls’ scaring the digger away.

  5. I think the digger did both the burried soul and vendatta a favor when he dug it up. The soul is no longer shrouded in darkness and Vendatta is now free with his new soul. I love this thought provoking piece, Balroop. Bravo! ❤

  6. Deeply psychological. Souls are meant to be free but sometimes earthly desires, emotions and revengeful feelings become their shackles. A souls must make themselves free of all that is mundane and earthly. Only then it can soar higher. As it is said in The Bhagavad Gita.
    This is an extraordinary write-up…allegorical … Kudos to you… !!

    1. Wow! Mani you understand my writing so well. My symbolism speaks to you! Many thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts. Love and hugs across the oceans despite social distancing…. digital era has that advantage 😊😇

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