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At last I am here. Eyes brimming, I look at the stairs, worn by the vagaries of time but flanked with love by Mother Nature. Do you think you could guess my ecstasy? Never. Not even my soul mate could feel the flutter of my heart. Holding hands we look at the steps as I hurtle back in time and he gently embraces me.

“Thank you,” the words are muffled in my throat. I had yearned for this day. Recurring dreams evoked me to come here. We had planned this visit for ages. A visit I would cherish for the rest of my life. A visit that brought me back to my childhood. I am thrilled that the stairs have not been altered, each one holds my steps – tells a story of those carefree days, each one reverberating the games we played – running up and down, skipping two or four – the center of competition for the children of the house, each one a promise to self.

Time flew and exhilarating on the wings of youth, I went up to university and lost touch with those little moments of sitting on the stairs to share stories of the day, to watch stars and sing songs, oblivious of the world.

Grandpa was a youngster when he admired the construction workers while his dad was away at work. He would rush home after school to see how each brick was laid. He had told us all the stories of getting inspired from the workers he observed. He aspired to be like them. The charm of his stories and his loving face was associated with these stairs. A heart-warming memory.

Emotions overwhelm me as I step on the stairs that nurtured me; that gave a spring to my steps and taught me to climb higher. I did but I left them behind. Almost forgot about them. I sit and share many stories that I had buried into the fissures of my heart and realize how tiny moments are more precious than achievements of life – in fact they mold us. A cheerful and free childhood is a blessing.

The blue door opens and children rush out to play games on the stairs. They look at us curiously as if we were blocking their playground. We stand aside and watch – games never change.

© Balroop Singh

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54 thoughts on “Stairs

  1. The memories of childhood are some of the most precious we hold, always to be treasured and cherished. I hold a strong fascination with those carefree days of life and laughter in the past. You captured the gilded whimsy of those days beautifully, Balroop!

    1. Thank you Lisa, I am glad you liked this emotional fiction. Childhood homes are special, as they keep coming back. I often dream about mine. 😊

  2. What a delightful story. So true, too. Stairs do remain the same. If you close your eyes, you can imagine climbing them decades before. Nicely done, Balroop.

  3. You really captured the sweet memories we all carry ftom childhhood so beautifully, Balroop.

  4. Beautiful story, Balroop. I love how those stairs can evoke such precious memories, and yet, “games never change.” Perfect ending. 💕

  5. This is beautiful, Balroop. Love this line: Emotions overwhelm me as I step on the stairs that nurtured me; that gave a spring to my steps and taught me to climb higher. ❤

  6. Beautiful, Balroop. Wonderful to recall a joyous childhood. Many have no such memories, but may discover solace in your own. Aloha. 🙏🌿❤️

      1. My childhood home has been the venue of all the family gatherings even now in my dreams though I had left it behind 40+ years. Such is the magic of homes that nurture us. 🙂

  7. What a delightful Story the image of these steps invoked… One that could well be the opening chapter of a novel… For it left me wanting to explore those memories of yesteryear… And discover those whose feet had worn the steps so well…
    Beautiful writing Balroop…
    Thank you so much .. I have so enjoyed my little catch up here…. ( I have not been in WordPress as often over the last few weeks, and I have loved reading the richness of your words that always find a spot within my heart that resonates, be it to bring calm and peace, or evoke a past memory of my own within your beautiful words.. )
    Much love dear Balroop… Have a Blessed Week… ❤
    Sue ❤ 🙏💖

    1. Memories are so precious Sue but this one is just imagination and yearning blending in to create childhood bliss… probably some children go through it. 🙂
      Thank you for coming over, I am delighted that my words resonated with you. Love and hugs dear friend. You always come with positive vibes that reach me. 🙂

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