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Against All Odds
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I am delighted to welcome Jacqui Murray, my blogger friend, who has just released her third book in the Crossroads Trilogy:

Xhosa’s extraordinary prehistoric saga concludes, filled with hardship, courage, survival, and family.

I have read and reviewed all three books, which record a fabulous history of tribes of those times, (850,000 years ago) about which there is no conclusive evidence. So the arena is open for writers to explore and Jacqui has made a brilliant effort.

Book Information:

Title and author: Against All Odds by Jacqui Murray

Series: Book 3 in the Crossroad series

Genre: Prehistoric fiction Amazon Global Link


A million years of evolution made Xhosa tough but was it enough? She and her People finally reach their destination—a glorious land of tall grasses, few predators, and an abundance that seems limitless, but an enemy greater than any they have met so far threatens to end their dreams. If Xhosa can’t stop this one, she and her People must again flee.

The Crossroads trilogy is set 850,000 years ago, a time in prehistory when man populated most of Eurasia. He was a violent species, fully capable of addressing the many hardships that threatened his survival except for one: future man, a smarter version of himself, one destined to obliterate all those who came before.

From prehistoric fiction author Jacqui Murray comes the unforgettable saga of a courageous woman who questions assumptions, searches for truth, and does what she must despite daunting opposition. Read the final chapter of her search for freedom, safety, and a new home.

A perfect book for fans of Jean Auel and the Gears!

My Review:

Against All Odds concludes the Crossroads Trilogy – an enthralling story of Xhosa and her People, the prehistoric inhabitants who possessed astonishing abilities to create tools out of stones and twigs, developed a communicative bird language and could face unknown hazards fearlessly. They were smarter than other tribes, as they could share their ideas and thoughts through hand gestures, facial expressions and sounds. They learnt from other communities, were adaptable and their intuition was stronger than others.

It is interesting to note some innate emotions amongst early dwellers. Despite the challenges they had to face and develop confidence, strength and ferocity, Pan-do considered himself more than just a father, a protector and food provider. He knew what is love, which he described as “caring for another beyond logic and reason.” He could even see a similar emotion between his daughter Lyta and Seeker. Hope too finds a mention many times. Each time somebody went missing or was captured by an enemy, they hoped that they would be reunited. Mbasa knew she would surely meet Xhosa again. Ngili hoped that he would be reunited with Hecate.

Jacqui’s research shines through out this book too and her foreword answers many questions about tribes and their ways of expression. Her characters have grown with the passage of time and remember their leader Xhosa’s advice to be “strong like Mammoth, patient as Eagle, leery like Gazelle, cunning as Wolf or lacking that, wise enough to mimic someone who is.” Murray has created awe-inspiring female characters who never give up in adversity, never look back and forge ahead with renewed vigor after each battle. If you like prehistoric fiction, you must read the Crossroads Trilogy. Though this is a stand-alone book, with references to earlier ones but they should be read in order.

jacqui-murray-2Meet the Author:

Jacqui Murray is the author of the popular Building a Midshipman, the story of her daughter’s journey from high school to United States Naval Academy, the Rowe-Delamagente thrillers, and the Man vs. Nature saga. She is also an adjunct professor of technology in education, blog webmaster, an Amazon Vine Voice,  a columnist for  NEA Today, and a freelance journalist on tech ed topics. Look for her next prehistoric fiction, Laws of Nature, Book 2 in the Dawn of Humanity trilogy, Winter 2021.

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47 thoughts on “Against All Odds: New Release

  1. You did an excellent review on Jacqui’s new book, Balroop! It’s great that you pointed out the strong female character in Against All Odds. Thank you for hosting Jacqui’s book launch!

    1. Thank you Miriam. Xhosa’s character is an eye-opener, as she proves to be stronger than most men through out the series and I like how she manages all her struggles, is kind as well as fierce.

    2. Balroop did such a good job with the review. We suspect earliest man had emotions, one of the ways he is differentiated from non-humans or earlier non-Homos. But of course, they leave no evidence that they were there. So I extrapolate from what I do see. There are signs that these folks cared for each other. That I see as hope and love.

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely review of Jacqui’s latest book, Balroop. I’m currently enjoying this final installment of her series. Congratulations to Jacqui!

  3. Looks like great prehistoric fiction. It is such an intriguing subject. While a great deal has been unearthed but there still are the unanswered questions. Thanks for sharing the information and review.

    1. Prehistoric fiction is more interesting, as it is a combination of fantasy and reality. Surprisingly Female characters dominate the scenario. Thank you for coming over to support Jacqui.

  4. That is a fantastic review for Jacqui. I didn’t realize Against All Odds was a standalone novel, although it seems like it’s still best to start at the beginning. I so need to catch up with this series!

    1. Thank you Mae… each book in this series can be read alone as it paints on the same canvas – how man survived when he had to eat raw meat and depend on roots and leaves for medicines.

    2. It can stand alone because the People have arrived at their destination. What happens next could be considered a new story. As you say, though, best read after the first two!

  5. Thank you so much for hosting me, Balroop. You really grabbed the essence of my female characters. I love how you described them in the review. I’m looking forward to chatting with your community.

  6. Hi Balroop – thanks for your excellent review of Jacqui’s book … I’ve just finished it – and loved it … it was fascinating how Jacqui seemed to cover all he bases of pre-historic life … I know I’d have not survived. As you say to Pam – Jacqui is a terrific story teller … Hilary

    1. Thank you Hilary for reading my review and sharing your thoughts about it. If you liked this book, I am sure you would like Born in Treacherous Times- the story of Lucy, which is more captivating.

      1. Thanks Balroop – I have to read that one … and then see what I think about Lucy … but Jacqui writes wondrously well … I was captivated anyway! Take care – Hilary

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