Island We loved

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto

Each morning we would rush out
To swim to the ‘Angel Island’
Inhabited by colorful fairies
We wanted to live that belief.

Ah! The magic of moments…
Enamored by the beauty around us
We made it our second home
Summer brought those blessings.

Showered with rose petals
We sailed into another world
A realm unknown to man
Where melodies of nature charmed.

Immersed in the poetry of water
We walked the magical path
Flowery beds beckoned us
We smiled sinking deep into reveries.

Intoxicated by the arabesque of fairies
We too twirled with joy
Friendship is a celestial gift –
Unequivocal and unparalleled.

© Balroop Singh

Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #photoprompt Fantasy

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53 thoughts on “Island We loved

  1. I love how I am transported to the land of imagination, Balroop. “The magic of moments…” reminds me how it is truly all about the moments in our day. Your last lines remind me of my childhood friend and how she is still a friend of mine. “…a celestial gift.” Beautiful and moving words. Thank you for sharing the magic.❤️

  2. Your words often transport me into another realm dear Balroop..
    And loved this verse :
    “Showered with rose petals
    We sailed into another world
    A realm unknown to man
    Where melodies of nature charmed.”…

    May Nature continue to charm as she brings forth her magical new world.. ❤
    Stay Blessed dearest Balroop ❤ 🙏

    1. Mother Nature has been furious around us for almost a month now. With wildfires and smoke around us, we’ve been cooped inside our homes due to unhealthy air. Thank you for your blessings, we really need them.

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