Life is Like that…

This image, which I stumbled across accidentally at Pixaby defines the paths of life so well; colorful and joyous at places but an abyss in the center is always waiting to devour us. How we cross it depends on our acumen and proficiency.

As children, we only knew physical pain. We did feel hurt at times but it was absorbed within. We didn’t know it is called emotional trauma, didn’t know it could last longer and revisit us.

We didn’t know what is selfishness; probably constant reprimands helped us in refraining from any such acts. Sibling rivalry was overlooked, as we were unaware of in-depth analysis of behavior. Ignorance was bliss.

We only knew love and couldn’t discern hypocrisy of some people who exploited our emotions. Bullying was an unknown term; obedience was the answer even when hitting was intuitively disliked.

We didn’t have digital devices to quell our thirst of knowing more and believed in whatever our parents and teachers told us. Moral values were imbibed naturally through them. Stories of grandparents were enough for us.

‘Life is not a bed of roses’…this adage never seemed convincing to me when I looked around and saw from the eye of an immature, growing adolescent, with rosy dreams and soft thoughts… that all is well with the world…considering the small, protective cocoon that I lived in, formed those illusions.

The journey of life actually unfolds its reality when we step into this fiercely competitive, engulfing world; waiting to devour us, defeat all our sincere and honest efforts!

Some disappointments, some frustrations and disillusionments become a part of our journey.

Do we give up? No, we want to explore more.

As it becomes more meaningful and challenging; we learn to define our goals, snub some desires and struggle to move ahead with renewed vigor.

But it remains interesting.

Whenever we face the roadblocks, we wonder why is life so tough, why do we have to face a new challenge everyday, why can’t it be smooth sailing?

Sometimes, it seems that life is just a big vacation – when you nestle in the center of a place, surrounded by pine forests with snow covered peaks staring at you, …with whiffs of peace and contentment all around.

A serenity that coaxes us to slow down, to savor the little moments of joy.

Such a scenario changes our opinion, fills us with new enthusiasm to do something new, something different.

Have you ever felt this exhilaration? The illusionary aspect of life is a significant contributor.

Just look at the ocean, feel its vastness, sit by its side and look at the waves rushing at you. They speak to us, if we can understand the profound lesson each wave leaves for us:

Life is that simple yet seems complicated. However high the wave, it has to touch the shore and surrender. Everything meets a natural end. Every moment around us is so transient! All the hues of life merge into each other. None of them belongs to us.

Accept life as it comes, welcome all its ups and downs with resilience. Draw energy from positive thoughts and people. Dwell on your blessings. Keep your cool in the face of provocations and disappointments. Embrace your agonizing moments to exorcize them from your life.

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© Balroop Singh

30 thoughts on “Life is Like that…

  1. When we’re young, we think we’re bullet proof. We know people get hurt-some even die-but it won’t happen to us.
    Later, after we have children, we begin to worry. Again, not so much for ourselves but for them. Will they find love and happiness? Be safe and successful? We protect them the best way we know how and hope for the best.
    Then, as we get older we realize there are no safety nets. We live, and die, randomly which makes it all the more important to create positivity in our lives.
    Thoughtful post, Balroop ❤️

    1. As a youngster, I thought pain could never touch me. I scoffed at the beautiful thought of a poet who said, “The beauty of a garden is enhanced not just by flowers but even by thorns; similarly pain is essential to live a life in this world.” Well, life taught me this truth and made me embrace all kinds of agonies, which we never think of meeting. Thank you Jacquie for a thought-provoking comment, much appreciated. 😊

  2. This was a great post, Balroop. Sometimes, we feel the trauma of heart-rending pain as children (when we lose a loved one or parent way too young), but for the most part we don’t experience that type of pain and grief until we’re older. What I really loved about your post were the lines: ‘Accept life as it comes, welcome all its ups and downs with resilience. Draw energy from positive thoughts and people. Dwell on your blessings.’

    Sometimes it’s harder to do the latter in face of the former, but it’s so important to remember. And embrace.

    Loved this.

    1. Pain and grief pounced upon me too early Mae, I had to befriend them to move on in life. I often say that I was molded in the cauldron of circumstances that I couldn’t have avoided. Life taught me to look at the light even if it was far away. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts about life.

  3. What a wonderful post, Balroop. “Dwell on your blessings.” Indeed! Reflecting on those blessings is what carries us through the difficult times. Looking back at something we thought was impossible to survive makes that new challenge a little easier to handle. Fantastic piece!

  4. Pretty accurate description of life, Balroop. All we can do is try to prepare our kids. I never tried to shelter mine, forced them to make hard decisions. Still, many said their lives were sheltered while others aid I was too hard on them. Eye of the beholder?

    Thoughtful image, that’s for sure!

  5. This is a superb summary of how we should live our lives, Balroop. Dwell on our blessings and keep our cool. It’s not always easy to do when challenges face us head-on, but our bodies will thank us for the calm and not for the anxiety. Wonderful end to the week. 🌻

  6. “Sibling rivalry was overlooked”, “We believed what our parents told us” – profound my friend. You touched on so much of life here Balroop. Reflections indeed. I would say this post belongs in a book with more of the same! ❤

  7. Very true Balroop… we drink in what we are told as children and take it for the gospel truth… and only find as we develop that the world has shades of grey and beyond. But the human spirit has survived so much that we can only be grateful that we are as strong as we are today…♥

    1. I was shocked that world is so different from what we think it is and all the idealism of youth gets drowned in the realities that we have to face! Yes, only the strength of the spirit works. 😊Thanks for sharing your thoughts Sally.

  8. Very profound thoughts and a much needed message now. It’s true that we took teachers and parents at their word because we had little else to rely on. BOOKS were our only resource and had such importance then. Now information is just a mouse-click, still, we must decipher truth from fiction. Thank you for sharing this, Balroop. I always enjoy reading your ‘deep thoughts’ posts 🙂

  9. Such wisdom in your lines Balroop! I love the way you do express how you see life and the way you feel inside.
    Some days are easy and some days are tough. Sometimes I feel at peace and sometimes completely under water. The key maybe is to welcome life as it comes, knowing that all shall pass.
    Love to you. 🙏🏻

    1. When we are in no position to change something, it is better to let it be and sure it passes by. Thank you Marie for coming over to share your thoughts. 😊

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