A Journey Of 43 Years…


How Can I Thank You? 

This journey began
One fine day,
When destiny put us together
In this boat of life

Your love guided us
Your calmness charmed,
Your patience bore us through
All those scary storms.

The dazzling rays of sun
Had to pierce through you,
To reach me, while
The moonlight was all mine.

The rain couldn’t soak me
The storm couldn’t poke me
As you always stood there
Like a protective shield.

We have come a long way
Time has come to hold hands
To feel the real relationship
To savor our companionship.

How can I thank you?
For making this journey
So cushy, so loving,
I didn’t need God
As He is always there, with me.
© Balroop Singh

The above poem, written in 2012, is an excerpt from one of my poetry books.
Thank you reading.

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53 thoughts on “A Journey Of 43 Years…

  1. Dear Balroop, Exceptionally beautiful and poignant. You have mentioned before about “your calmness” and “patience.” Wonderful qualities in a life partner. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I could feel the love flowing through every word.❤️

  2. Lovely pictures and lovely couple. I always feel the words you write. Beautifully expressed 💕💕Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary ma’am . Blessed we are that I got chance to be studied by you. God bless u ma’am . You are still the same as school days

  4. Happy anniversary. Your words convey the feeling you hold inside, beautifully. It also reminds me that not everyone understands the true meaning of love. True love is deeper than fancy gifts that seem to be the norm today. I can sense the contentment and happiness in your relationship in these words and that is what really matters. I’m happy for you both. Wishing you many happier years ahead.

    1. Thank you arv for sharing your lovely thoughts. You have beautifully conveyed the essence of happy relationships, which thrive on understanding and mutual respect. Thanks for your warm wishes. 😊

  5. Congratulations on your 43 years of love journey, Balroop! It’s hard to come by these days. Your poem is beautiful and I’m happy to know the different qualities brought out the best in both of you. 🙂

      1. I know exactly what you meant, Balroop. My husband and I are very different in so many ways. One thing we know for sure is that we’re meant to be for each other. 🙂

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