I Can’t be Shackled…

“Welcome home,” I hope your adventures are no longer alluring for you.

“Please don’t close that door,” she sprawled on the couch, hardly paying any attention to my smile.

A cold sweep almost knocked me over, and I closed the door.

“Do you want to asphyxiate me?” She leaped toward the French window to get out into the patio and collapsed on the loveseat.

Teenage tantrums don’t sway me. I buried myself into the murder mystery that was more interesting than her shenanigans.

“I know those thoughts! Don’t mess with me; consider me as your blessing. Don’t try to tie me to your strings.”

I looked up in awe, as she spouted:

I fly with butterflies
Colors define my personality
Lovebirds emulate me.

I swing on clouds
My ochre robe blends with twilight
I am ambrosial. 

I dance on the waves
Water cannot drench me
My shimmer could dazzle.

My harp is captivating
Its strings are tuned by Nature
Its melodies manifold.

I sing with the stars
My songs sooth those who care for
The sick and deprived.

I can’t be shackled
I dwell in the wondrous woods
Warbling wistful tunes.

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I break free
When you take me into dark alleys
I soar beyond bickering. 

I regale relationships
But can’t get fettered to them
Don’t squabble with me.

Your expectations
Can’t carve the spectrum of my path
I am ethereal.

“Enough of your bluster,” I could merely mumble those words when she whooshed out of the door with the reminder that chiseled poetry book that I had planned, needs my attention.

Many thanks to Diana for the inspiration, initiated by her muse. Click here for the rules and have fun with your muse.

Lately my muse takes pride in poetic conversations. Thank you for reading.

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49 thoughts on “I Can’t be Shackled…

  1. Oh, that’s so lovely, Balroop. She may be dramatic, but she knows how to get your attention. Of course your muse speaks in poetry. Thanks so much for joining in the fun. ❤

  2. I am glad you liked her outburst, Diana, she speaks at will and if I try to force her, she disappears for days. She detests rules and draws a blank if they are enforced. Thanks for inspiring her. 🤗

  3. Your beautiful, lyrical muse has definitely reappeared, Balroop. ❤️ Despite the push and pull relationship I can see how you have a healthy respect for each other. “I can’t be shackled…” A great title! 🙂

  4. This is such an inspiring poem, encourage one to stand up for themselves and go after what you want. ‘I sing with the stars’ I really like this line, Balroop. It sounds so beautiful 🙂

  5. Ah, our muses will be the writing death of us yet. Or, they will help with our writing reincarnations journal after journal, poem after poem! I happen to love your Muse’s attitude!

    1. Lol! Sure! If muses could be borrowed, we would be blessed as writers! Thank you so much for sharing your heart-warming thoughts Tanya. I am delighted to hear those lovely words. So glad to get connected with you. 🙂

  6. Beautifully written, Balroop. These poetic conversations you have with your muse brings a smile as I begin the weekend. Wishing you well, and take care.

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