Meet poet, Balroop Singh, and a review of Magical Whispers

Meet me today at, where I talk about my favorite poets. Also read Robbie’s fabulous review of Magical Whispers there!

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Treasuring Poetry

Today, I have the pleasure of featuring talented poet, Balroop Singh, as my Treasuring Poetry guest. Balroop has shared some lovely thoughts about poetry and her favourite poems. My review of her latest book, Magical Whispers, is included at the end of the post.

You can find out more about Balroop Singh and her poetry on her lovely blog here:

What is your favourite poem?

How can you have one poem as a favorite? They have been changing with my growing years. From Rumi to Rudyard Kipling to Maya Angelou, poetry has always evoked images of romanticism, realism and Sufism and I got carried away with those images depending on the phase of my life.

As a youngster, I liked ‘Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost. It acquainted me with the beautiful images and simple style of writing a poem, inspired me…

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15 thoughts on “Meet poet, Balroop Singh, and a review of Magical Whispers

  1. I too, am very much inspired by Robert Frost and the imagery he used in his work. You are amazing in this too, Balroop!! Stay blessed ❤️❤️💐

  2. Wonderful post, Balroop, and I’m also inspired by all the poets you mentioned, and the poems shared are favorites, as well. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but some do stay close to heart and mind. I’m sure you’re still living gracefully on Cloud 9. 💓🎉

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