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The journey of life is veiled in colors. I have written many times about life yet these two books revealed some more layers for me.

I was drawn in by the analogy – ‘Life is like a bowl of cherries.’ It led me into various alleys even before I opened the book. I love short stories and Sally’s stories regale you with various experiences that are woven into the inescapable web of life. The book begins with ‘The Weekly Shopping’ – the most appropriate, humorous yet grim comment on how technology has crept into our lives. It would make you wonder: can we escape such a trap?

Cronin’s Crisp style of writing, her adroit crafting of characters and her inspirational tone gleams through out the book. Kindness of Elsie would melt your heart when you read ‘The Scratch Card’ and ‘The Date’ would make you dance despite your age. Jennifer’s positivity and planning is superb while The Nanny took my heart away! It is hard to pick up a favorite story, as all of them tingle some emotional cord. A perfect combination of sour and sweet, I savored this “bowl of cherries,” which has a sprinkle of some lovely poetry. Highly recommended.


Finding a Balance by Lauren Scott captures myriad emotions that beseech us to accept whatever life offers and find a balance in tears and happiness. A combination of deep love and yearning, the poems in this collection exude realism, speak of sadness but also offer soothing thoughts. Scott knows that our only choice is to move forward. While we seek answers to our questions, comfort can be found in prayers and hope.

The poems are written in a simple and straight-forward style and are easy to understand. There is a craving to rewrite some unpleasant chapters of life, to open new doors, to brush aside dejections and embrace light. My favorite poem is ‘The Box,’ as “The walls stood bare waiting for memories to dress” evoke memories we cherish. Lovely!

Thank you.
Balroop Singh.

91 thoughts on “#Life #Emotions #BookReviews

  1. Lovely and warm review of Sally Cronin’s book, Balroop .I am going to finish the book today and wish there was yet another story.
    I think I might have a favourite, that said all of them are strong and full of humour and also seriousness.


  2. Two excellent reviews, Balroop. I am especially drawn to Sally’s, which I have heard nothing but praise for. I really need to find a way to read more, so I can catch up!

    1. Sally’s stories are to the point, just with the right pitch and nothing is overdone. This is a short read, just an hour or two would be enough. Thank you for standing by to read and share your thoughts Mae.

  3. Balroop, two wonderful reviews and congratulations to both Sally and Lauren! Having read a few of Sally’s books I agree she is a consummate short story writer and indeed her ‘writing, her adroit crafting of characters and her inspirational tone gleams’ through all her books. I am totally taken in with your review of her ‘Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries’ and look forward to reading this. Lauren and her poetry are wonderful and another book I want to read in the future!

    1. Thanks for your lovely words, Annika, and I hope you enjoy Finding a Balance when you have the chance. It was written shortly after my family received the news of a daunting diagnosis for our daughter. But like Balroop mentioned, there is always hope. 💓

      1. Thanks, Sally. I look forward to reading your book, as well, after knowing what an esteemed writer you are. Balroop’s reviews are wonderful! Take care, Lauren 🌷

  4. What beautiful reviews, Balroop. You’re masterful at making me want to pick up a book. I also enjoyed Sally’s stories and your comment “all of them tingle some emotional cord” is perfectly stated. Lauren’s poetry book sounds lovely and soothing. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

    1. Though I’ve tried to tone them down but emotions allure me into a myriad open-ended avenues. Objective yet compelling, some stories in Sally’s book touched my heart. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Diana.

    2. Thanks for your kind words, Diana, considering what a wonderful writer you are, and if you read my book, I hope you enjoy. It was compiled after a medical diagnosis, so the emotions behind the cover are sincere. Take good care, Lauren 💕

      1. Thanks so much for the note, Lauren. I have your book in my kindle. I’m absorbed in writing right now, so my reading has dropped off, but I will get to it soon! I’m looking forward to it.

  5. I guess if I were to pick either of these, it’ll be the first one. Thanks for the review. I like your posts and views on life. I’m not sure how to best define your take but I think it’s realistic, practical and balanced. So your review will have this element as well.

    1. I agree about Balroop’s reviews, Debby, and I hope you enjoy Finding a Balance. That collection was born after hearing the news of our daughter’s diagnosis. But hope always prevails. 💗💗

  6. These are wonderful reviews, Balroop, and I’m certain that both authors are delighted with them. I loved Sally’s Sam a Shaggy Dog Story and have her Cherries ready and waiting on my Kindle – thanks for reminding me!

  7. Thanks so much for this beautiful review of my book, Balroop, and for including me in the company of Sally! She’s an amazing writer and your review of her book had me heading over to Amazon right away.
    I appreciate your continued support of my writing!
    Hugs, Lauren 💗

  8. Great reviews–Balroop! I related best to the one of Sally Cronin’s work, having read some of her stuff myself. I totally agree with your assessment of her strengths, btw. Thanks for posting this, : )

    1. Thank you Cathleen for coming over to read my reviews. I’ve read and posted the review of part one of your Snow White book but would post both here after reading book – 2. 🙂

      1. Thank you soooo much for that. I haven’t been able to get into a Reading Round yet–too many clashes–so my blogging pals are the only reviews I’ve gotten so far, and I treasure them. As far as yours goes, I love that you enjoyed the character development. Plot is all very well and good, and book 2 has more of it, at least in terms of events, but for me, it’s always been the characters who make or break a story. : )

  9. Both of these books sound fantastic, Balroop! Sally’s book is actually next on my TBR pile. Knowing Sally, I was convinced the read would be great, even before this review. You’ve just made it more tantalizing. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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