Deeper #Tanka

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto

A portal beckons
Adventurous spirit calls
Fears forbid next step
Yet we drop down to explore
Will we return to share?


The secrets lay bare
Harrowing, endless steps loom 
Fiery eyes threaten
Entrenched within crevices 
Shady shackles pull us tighter.


Thanks to Sue Vincent for an inspiring Thursday #writephoto prompt Deeper

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45 thoughts on “Deeper #Tanka

  1. Two wonderful tankas, Balroop and I can tell this image drew you in! Although I can sense the dark and forbidding in them both, I still would want to explore the crevice further, what is behind that portal!

  2. A lovely mental picture, as always, Balroop. I’ve often felt that way on an adventure–slightly hesitant, but usually going on anyway. Is that jump too long? Will I land without twisting my ankle? Will I be able to climb back out again?

    Very poignant. : )

  3. The photo is scary, with the thought of going in there. But your tankas put a deeper chill to that thought. Not sure I’d have the courage after reading both of them! Well done. 💜

  4. The hair on my arms stand up, yet I smile when I read “will we return to share?” Only because I had the same thought. “Fiery eyes…” I am not going in there. A very vivid description bringing me right along with you, Balroop.

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