Life Lines #BookReview

I often say that poetry is my first love; we soar and swing on the wings of words together. I share my secrets with her and her caresses sooth me like the lullabies of a mother. Poetry books immediately allure me and if the recommendation is made by authors like D. Wallace Peach, I don’t even give a second thought to dive in. Thank you Diana, for the inspiration to read this beautiful book. Here is my review.

My Review:

‘Life Lines’ by Sue Vincent highlights the paths of life we traverse – from innocent laughter to the snowy lanes of life, from the depths of sorrow to the light that beckons us, from the abyss of tears to the memories that pull us out; whether it is past or present, life is woven with delicate threads that bind us into a “purpose” and inspire us to “fall in love with life at every passing day.”

Sue’s poetry flows like a steady stream that takes in all the upheavals in its stride and absorbs them, keeping the hope alive. She has a unique style of playing with the symbols that reach your heart:

“flames caress the moon,” for the glow of sunset,
“scattered motes of possibility in the darkness,” for the stars,
“two ravens” for thought and memory, “winter leaf” for self,
“heart-beat of earth” for sea,
“shadows in the glass” for joy and pain.

While ‘Flowers’ brilliantly captures the journey of a woman, ‘I’ emphasizes how the choices of life are snatched away from us unawares! ‘Door of Dreams’ exhorts us to rise from our inner world to “face the demons of today” and look beyond. There are many such poems that would inspire you to keep the flame of hope aloft. I felt ‘Sunset’ could be one of my favorites but then ‘Just One’ mesmerized me with the thoughts of how many kinds of love encompasses us. Each poem exudes an emotion, profound yet subtle.

The poems in this collection need to be savored slowly, to be re-read with sips of your favorite tea, coffee or wine. Highly recommended.
– Balroop Singh

63 thoughts on “Life Lines #BookReview

      1. I loved your review as well when I read it on your blog. I hope your grandson made a snowman or went riding a sled like my granddaughter did. A wonderful weekend to you, Diana!

  1. I’m so glad I inspired you to give the book a go, Balroop. Your review is just beautiful (poetry!). Sue is a talent to behold. Thanks for the kind mention too, my friend. That was extra kind of you. Hugs ❤

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Sue’s book, Balroop. As with Diana (I agree with you, regarding her opinion) anything you recommend with regards to poetry, I don’t question. Sue is a very talented writer, as well as a wonderful person. Congratulations, Sue.

  3. Another glorious review for Life Lines… Kudos to, Sue Vincent! On my kindle and recommending to others as well. Thanks Balroop and Diana for highlighting this beautiful collection of poetry.

  4. Hi Balroop, I agree with you, how Diana does not lead us astray with great recommendations. This is a wonderful review, where I can feel how you are moved by the poetry and the love for the poet. ‘Savoured slowly’ and ‘reread.’ Thank you, Balroop. ❤️

  5. Balroop, an incredible and analytical review written with heart and thought – your examples of Sue’s poetry are breathtaking and I feel myself tearing up at the emotions they evoke, all from mere snippets of her work. Having read Diana’s review and one sample poem from Sue’s book and now yours review, I know this is a poetry collection that will touch me deeply and be by my side. Words do matter SO much! ❤️

    1. Poetry has to be read again and again and with the right mood to discern the meaning, as each word is loaded in good poetry. I am delighted to note that you appreciate little examples I have picked up for this review. Thank you dear Annika, I love your feedback.

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