Dreams #PoetryChallenge #Tanka

Theme-based poetry kicks my muse hard and when the theme happens to be “Dreams,” she rides on the waves, eager to explore each one. I tried to restrict her to one Tanka but another one just flowed. She has more in her pockets but I have reserved them for my next book.

A box full of dreams
She carries it with poise
Some just flutter away
Catching them is unrealistic
What is the fun of cluttering?


She buried her dreams
In the valley of despair
The deluge of tears
Drowned the irresistible
Empty-hearted, she sits forlorn.
© Balroop Singh


Inspired from Colleen M. Chesebro’s #ThemePrompt at wordcraftpoetry.com

Thank you.

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56 thoughts on “Dreams #PoetryChallenge #Tanka

  1. Balroop, your two Tanka are beautiful and powerful. In the first I had an image of a Fairy
    Carrying around her happy dream.
    Then it all crashes in despair . “ Empty-hearted she sits – forlorn”


  2. Both are different but I liked them both. I like the idea of a box full of dreams. Then I felt the sadness of burying those dreams. Gorgeous tankas, Balroop.

    1. I clicked on reply too soon, Balroop. So, I also meant to add that what is life without dreams? And when they come true, there is reason to celebrate. But if they don’t, there are always new dreams to take their place. 🙂

  3. I love the way you talk about your muse, Balroop, as though your creativity is a sentient being unto itself. It feels that way, doesn’t it? And the poetry–excellent but I’ve come to expect that from you.

  4. Balroop, why restrict yourself to one tanka, indeed?! 😀 You’ve given us a wonderful treat with these two and a tempting invitation to read many more by you. The first one is wonderfully playful, filled with expectation and delight and I’m smiling at the concept of letting some dreams flutter away. Cluttering of one’s spirit is never advisable and who knows, the dreams may well return. The contrast between the two poems works very well, the darker theme here of loss of the dearest dreams and the utter feeling of forlorn is strongly conveyed. You have a gift with words, my friend and thank you for sharing with us. xx

    1. Many thanks for your lovely words Annika, they made my morning so pleasant! You understand and analyze the emotions just the way I would expect. Love and hugs.

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