The Most Memorable Words Anyone Said To Me…

This post is inspired from Pragalbha’s question at Infinite Living
“What are the most memorable compliments given to you?” (Thank you Pragalbha and Debby at ThoughtSmith for the inspiration.) 

Memorable words? We often forget the good ones, as they are rare. But we yearn for them. I learned the power of words very early in life. I knew they could bore unseen holes in our heart, knifing deeper hurts that keep festering.

I learned to live with them; also hurl some back at those who deserved them. Then I met some loving persons, with divine streaks. I discovered the path to positivity. My confidence doubled. I stopped paying attention to judgmental people, I steered away from toxic persons around me and decided to change my perception.

Then I learned forgiveness. It was not easy; I had to pass through the cauldron of each negative thought, each unseemly word that refused to quit the crevices of my mind. Forgiveness fairy would visit me every night to caress my hair. She taught me how a kind word sends vibes of love, if we are perceptive, if we know how love permeates and proliferates with this little gesture.

She told me: We give a little kindness when we pay attention. We give a little hope when we listen patiently.We give respect by communicating honestly. We give a gentle message with our tender touch.

I understood the power of touch when one of my colleagues said:
“When you hold hands while talking, it seems you are really listening to me. I like it so much.”
Those words stayed with me.

“You have time for everyone,” another one said. The words warmed my heart.
Who doesn’t know the paucity of time specially when you are young, you know somebody is waiting at home and rushing becomes your second nature; when you are juggling with so many roles: A home-maker, a wife, a mother, a teacher, a mentor, a colleague and a friend.

Patient listening and responding with whatever kind words I could manage became my habit.

But the best compliment that I received indirectly from a friend is: “You have to peep into her heart to know her.”
She was asked how could she be friendly with me!

Frowned at by most of my colleagues for keeping distance from them, I was considered to be “an arrogant” but only few who tried to come closer, understood the walls that I had erected around me to keep the arrows of words away.

An excerpt from one of my earlier poems:

 Words silence; they take you into deeper dumps
Words soften; they can change your outlook.
Words hurt; they can cause irreparable damage
Words guide; they give us the power to introspect.
© Balroop Singh

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55 thoughts on “The Most Memorable Words Anyone Said To Me…

  1. Words are laden with intent… and intent are fuelled by emotions and thoughts. So it’s the intent that give power to words, I opine. As such, I think Empaths would do well to move away from very ‘negative’ people or learn to detach themselves.

  2. That’s a wonderful post, Balroop. I am a glass half full person. I’ve always been, and hope I always remain that way. I also learned the power of forgiveness long ago. Your spirit really shines through in this lovely post.

    1. Thank you Mae for being so kind, I have just shared my most honest thoughts about how life taught me profound lessons. I am delighted to note that it contains some parts of my spirit. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful poem, Balroop. And you are so right about the power of words. Once they are said, it’s hard to retract. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Those are all lovely compliments, Balroop. It’s hard when you are more reserved as people easily misread you. I’ve had the opposite problem of being ‘out there’, always willing to help someone in need. My motives have been questioned as though I was fake. It hurt but I’ve learned to not be so open to people and choose more carefully, both words and people. Wonderful share today, Balroop. Words are powerful! p.s. I love that the forgiveness fairy visited you every night. 🙂 ❤

    1. I learned quite early in life that people are two-edged sword, they would judge you whatever way you choose, so it is better to follow your heart and stop caring for what they expect or say. Lisa, I am so sorry you met such people but slowly we learn to deal with them.
      I talk about that forgiveness fairy in one of my poems in my debut book – Sublime Shadows of Life. 🙂

  5. What a glowing warm post, I am deeply humbled that you would respond to my post with this amazing beautiful post. Attention indeed is the greatest form of kindness and being listened to, being understood is such a precious gift.

    1. Thank you coming over Pragalbha to read and share your lovely words and many thanks for stirring some good and not so good memories. 🙂

      1. You are very welcome. I just now realized that I wasn’t following you. I did wonder why I haven’t seen any posts from you for long, as I assumed I was following you. I do not know how that happened, now I look forward to reading your work from my feed.

  6. A beautiful post, Balroop. When we’re young we want everyone to like us, and it hurts when they don’t. I was so grateful when I reached my forties and stopped caring and started living MY true life ❤
    I love these lines: We give a little kindness when we pay attention. We give a little hope when we listen patiently.

    1. Thank you Jacquie, you are so right. As youngsters, bubbling with idealism, we expect too much from the world but realize with age that all expectations don’t meet the right people. Life is a wonderful teacher.

  7. Words are so powerful, Balroop, and sometimes its hard to get past some of them. I love the term forgiveness fairy. Thst is exactly what the world needs right now. Insightful post, Balroop.

  8. Balroop, I am so in tune with your beautiful post. Words are indeed powerful , both
    uplifting and crushing. At times deliberately, at times by misunderstanding. You are so right, keep near friends that are positive and loving by nature. You can share and grow. Lead in your spirit is the last we need. So, toxicity should be avoided as you so aptly put.
    I love the compliment you have chosen as one of the favourites. It is a matter of taking time to listen and “peep”.
    Not rush.


    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion about words Miriam … we have to accept both kinds, as all carry meaningful messages. Even negative words have their benefits – they remind us how piercing they could be and therefore we learn to avoid them.

  9. Like you, I also used to stay “close to the vest” and not share my inter-being with others. I’ve gotten stronger in believing in myself and not in harsh or bitter words from others. I have learned to shine my light on those who wish to feel it. I also have learned to stay away from negative people! I love love love this post.

    1. When we stop caring about what people say about us, that is the point of self-awakening. I am glad you found a way out of the maze that surrounds us Pam. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  10. Hold hands while talking–I never thought of that. I remember when a girlfriend put her hand on my shoulder as I talked–briefly–but that touch has never left me. Holding hands–a touch superpowered.

  11. Hi Balroop, A great reminder on the power of words, especially a kind word. A powerful point “…knifing deeper hurts that keep festering.” “…divine streaks…” a beautiful image. The forgiveness fairy shared a great deal of wisdom. Working in the health field where patients were usually anxious, I learned how placing a calm, gentle hand on their shoulder would ease their breathing and help them relax.

    I love everything about this post and I will share it and bookmark it. One concept that resonates with me “we give a little kindness when we pay attention.” Your attention and kindness in the writing community always makes a difference and creates a ripple effect. Sending vibes of love back to you.❤️

    1. Wow! I am humbled by your heart-warming warm comment Erica. Thank you so much for such lovely words. You are one of those who reads each word, absorb it and then respond to a post with utmost affection. Love the attention you pay to words. Stay blessed dear friend.

      1. I am sometimes a few days behind reading since I want to pay attention and be fully present ❤️Especially reading your thought-provoking and heartwarming words, Balroop.

  12. Balroop, a beautiful and fascinating post. These days so many seem in a hurry that I feel the biggest gift we can give anyone is of our time – as your friend said to you. Whilst many do not take time to notice others in distress, or even joy, I know you will always have the time to reach into their heart, be there for them. That along with the words we utter is true love and friendship. Words used for good, warmth, with a positive heart. I love your poem extract about words and feel the same. Much to reflect upon here in your post, Balroop. Wishing you a lovely weekend. xx

    1. Annika, you words always reach my heart, your understanding of emotions deserve appreciation. I have always felt that those who complain about the lack of time don’t know how to utilize little moments. Thank you for standing by to share your lovely words… they do matter. 🙂 Stay blessed dear friend.

  13. A lovely lovely post, Balroop. Your poem is beautiful and touching. Your journey has been blessed by some wise and kind souls. Thanks so much for sharing. ❤

  14. So many of us put up walls, for protection. I’m glad, Balroop, that you have friends that can see past them and know the true you. It’s such a blessing! 🙂

  15. Indeed Balroop words are powerful, they can drive us or put us down. I like your poem, yes, words can so many things that’s why it’s important to use them wisely.
    When words were used the wrong way we tend to protect ourselves even more. The ones who can see it and go beyond do find treasures inside!
    Have a lovely day Balroop.

  16. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey towards becoming who you are. The lable of arrogance resonated with me – my habit of not indulging in gossip has often been misconstrued as arrogance and like your example, I have received the same compliment from those who are close to me.
    Glad to know you, if only virtually, Balroop ji💛 The poem on ‘words’ is simple and yet powerful.

    1. Thanks for visiting this old post Smitha, it is better to avoid those who judge without coming closer, as their understanding is shallow. 🥰

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