#BookReviews: Tidal Falls & I’d Rather Be Growing Grapes

Tidal Falls by Jacquie Biggar

Tidal Falls by Jacquie Biggar is more than just wounded hearts or oppressive marriage. It has a well-defined plot that keeps you hooked with the ups and downs of life and some hard decisions that change the course of life for Sara as well as Nick. The story moves at a steady pace and hinges on relationships and emotions. It celebrates friendships and moments of happiness despite the initial hurts. A thread of positivity links all the characters except Tom.

Sara flees her home and takes her daughter Jess along with her. She knows her filthy rich husband who is a well-connected lawyer would hunt her down but she meets happiness in the form of some wonderful friends. How long would she enjoy this freedom? Can she trust Nick? Keep guessing till the end! 

The characters have been crafted with a broader stroke, giving immense confidence and independence to women. Sara’s agony and skepticism could reach my heart; Nick’s open-minded approach to life is commendable and the friendship worth emulating. Realistic as well as challenging situations add an element of thrill to this book.

I gave it five stars.


I’d Rather Be Growing Grapes by Jan Romes

I was allured by the name of this book and had no idea what it is about. ‘I’d Rather Be Growing Grapes’ has a weird plot but it has been handled in a brilliant manner, with the right kind of emotions. A fun read, without a dull moment, it keeps you enthralled till the last page. When you place twenty-one young women around a bachelor, there are inevitable chances of fireworks and cat-fights! Will Beau Reinholt find his soul mate?

In her light-hearted style of writing, Jan Romes introduces you to the “she devils” who had signed up for the three-week event called “Pick Me,” each one vying to win the most eligible bachelor, picking at each other, competing to seek attention; their bickering and brawls are hilarious. Egos are hurt, curses are thrown at Beau for not choosing the one who is most eager; Roxanne calls “Pick Me” the stupidest thing ever, organized for money, not love. Tina leaves with a positive comment while Tamara makes sarcastic remarks.

Some sterling expressions that won my heart: “They came at her from all sides, ready to rip into her flesh until they hit bone.” 

“Spirals of ecstasy swirled through her and blasts of warmth detonated below her belly.”

“A bunch of hens trying to peck each other’s eyes out.”Despite the efforts of some of the girls daring to reveal all, Romes keeps the narrative decent and therefore I would like to give her an extra star for that. A well-crafted, charming story, this book flows well and I enjoyed reading it.

This fun book gets five shimmering stars.

Thank you.

-Balroop Singh.

56 thoughts on “#BookReviews: Tidal Falls & I’d Rather Be Growing Grapes

  1. Excellent reviews, Balroop. I’ve read Tidal Falls and enjoyed it. Jacquie always tells a good tale. And I’d Rather Be Growing Grapes sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. Oh yes Mae, Jacquie’s stories never disappoint and it’s after a long time that I had so much fun while reading I’d Rather be Growing Grapes! Thanks for coming over to share your thoughts. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Both of these books sound good. I’ve seen Jan’s book a lot on Twitter. The title certainly had me curious, too. Thanks for the reviews, Balroop. I’ll have to add these to my list.

    1. I always thought I had grown out of romances but Jacquie’s books reintroduced me to this genre Diana. This is not exactly romance but how could Jacquie write without incorporating some of it! 🙂 Thank you for coming over to share your thoughts. Have a wonderful day.

      1. I never liked romances, Balroop, but I do like Jacquie’s books! She adds a lot of interesting subplots so her stories are different from the same old tropes. I’m looking forward to this one.

  3. Great reviews, Balroop. You have made both books so enticing and tempting to read. Tidal Falls promises emotions,
    humour and happiness. Will check it out on amazon.
    I’d would rather be growing grapes sounds hilarious but I wonder how much it is about grape growing. 😊.
    I used to grow grapes along the longest wall of my previous home. They were sooo.. good.


  4. Darn you, Balroop. Now I have two more books I just HAVE to add to my TBR list – and To Be Read soon. Your reviews have me titillated to read both books. I happen to like romance and particularly when it includes relationship drama and learning the ups and downs of loving. (and a bit of levity helps too). Many thanks for your great star-filled reviews!

    1. I know you would enjoy them Pam. When I feel a book is compelling, I pull it out of the TBR to read it first. There is a lot of drama in competing for a bachelor. 🙂

  5. Thank you for these recommendations and reviews Balroop…. Good to be back within the blogging community of friends.. Lots of excellent reading material to explore.. ❤ Thank you..
    Love and Blessings your way Balroop ❤

  6. Balroop, two wonderful and glowing reviews! 😀 With both you reach into the heart of the novel and leave us wanting to learn much more! Jan Romes’s book must have one of the most unusual titles for a book and that alone is intriguing. I’m taken with the brief excerpts from her book and sounds perfect for a relaxing read. Jacquie’s ‘Tidal Fall” hooks me with the mixture of light and some thrills, all positive characters apart from Tom! I’m already wary of him! Well done on two captivating reviews!

  7. Wonderful reviews, Balroop. I am gathering book recommendations for my Summer/camping reading. “Tidal Falls” and “I’d rather be growing grapes” are added to my reading list. Thank you.💕

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